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A Clockwork Orange Records
A Million Records
A&M Records
A. D. Records
A.D. Records
A.D.H.D. Records
A.I.R. Records
A.M.I. Records
A.n.t Records
A.O.T.M. Records
A.P.B. Records
A440 Music Group
Aagoo Records
AAJ Records
Aardvark Records
Aaron Avenue Records
AARON Records
Abacus Recordings
Abacus Records
Abandoned Arts
Abandoned Love Records
ABB Records
Abbey Lounge Records
Abbywho Records
ABC Dunhill Records via Wikipedia
ABC-Paramount Records via Wikipedia
Abduction Productions
Abednego Records
ABF Records
Abiotic Recordings
Abitare Music Group
Abkco Music and Records Inc.
Ablife Records
Abnak Records via Wikipedia
Abner Records via Wikipedia
Abnotic Records
Abort the World Records
About Records
About Time Records
Above The Ground Music
Abray Records
Absolute Obscurity Records
Absolute Records
Absolutely Kosher Records
Abstract Logic Recordings
Abstraction Records
Abstrak Recordings
Abstrakt Reality Records
Acacia Records
Accelerator Records
Accent Records
Accord Music Group
Accurate Records
Ace Beat/Anitra Records
Ace of Hearts Records(Boston)
AceBeatz Ent.
AceMob Records LLC.
Acetate Records
ACEtone Records
Acidsoxx Musicks
Acix Recordings
Ack! Recordings
Acme Entertainment
Acme Records
Acony Records
Acossi Records
Acoustic Lounge Music
Acoustic Revival Records
Act 2 Records
Action Heights Records
Activ-Analog Records
Acumen Records
Acuta Records
Acute Records
Acutest Records
Adam Recordings
ADD Recordings
Addict Records
Addicted Entertainment Records
Addictive Records
Adeline Records
Adelphi Records, Inc.
Adequate Records
Adhesive Records
Adjective Records
Adlab Records
Adobe Road Records
Adolescent Records
Adonis Music
Adore Thee Records Enterprises
Adrenaline Music Group
Advent Records via Wikipedia
Adventure Records
AEG Records
Aegis Infinity Records
AEMMP Records
AERIA Records
Aerial Sounds
Aeronaut Records
Aerotight Music Group
Aesoteric Records
Aether Records
A-F Records
Affable Records
Affiliated Records
Affiliation Entertainment
Affinity Records
Affishaul Entertainment
Afghan Music Project
AFO Records
Afrodisiac Records
After Dark Records
After Hours Entertainment
After School Recordings
Afterbirth Records
AfterLife Entertainment
Aftermath Entertainment
Afternoon Records
Afterthought Entertainment
Agape Records
Agaric Records
Agave Records
Age Records via Wikipedia
Agent Records
Aggravated Entertainment
Aggravated Records
Agitprop! Records
Agrolights Records
ah! records
Ahead Recordings
AhhJay Records
Ahimsa Records
Ahi-Nama Music
AIP Records via Wikipedia
AIP Records via Wikipedia
Air Tahoe Records, Inc
Airetight Records
Airmen Records
Airplane Records
Airwax Records
Aishani Music
AIT Records
AIX Records
Aja Records
Ajax Records
Ajna Music
AK Records
AK9 Music
Akhenation Music
Aladdin Records via Wikipedia 
Alaris Records
Alarma Records via Wikipedia
Albany Records
Albemarle Records
Albertine Records
Alchemy Records
Alegre Records via Wikipedia
Aleph Records
Alexcia Records
Alive Naturalsound records
Aljera Music
All Hail Records
All or Nothing Records
All or Nuthin' Records
All Out Recordz L.L.C
All Platinum Records via Wikipedia
ALL Records America
All Rise Records
All Star Records via Wikipedia
All Star Records via Wikipedia
Allegory Records
Allegra Recording Company
Allen-Allen Music Group
Alleviated Records & Music
Alley Cat Habitat Records
Alliance Records
Alliant Music Group
Allido Records
Alligator Records
Allout Recording & Entertainment
Allstarz Records
Alltribe Records
Alluv Recordings
Alluvial Recordings
Almo Sounds via Wikipedia
Almost Gold Recordings via Wikipedia
Almost Records
Alone Records
Alota Recordz
Alpha Dawg Recording Co
Alpha Numeric Recordings
Alpha Omega Records
Alpha Pup Records
Alpha Recordings
Alphabasic Records
Alphabet Records
Alphabetik Recordz
Already Gone Records
Alright Records
Alta Records via Wikipedia
Altamont Records
Altarus Records
Altenburgh Jazz
AlterCulture Records
Altered State Records
Alternative Tentacles Records
Altissimo! Recordings
Alto Records
Altruist Music
Altyr Records
Alula Records
Always Fresh Records
AM Records
Amalagate Records
AmalgaMusic Recordings
Amallegory Productions Inc
Amari Salaam Records
Amarillo Records via Wikipedia
Amaru Entertainment via Wikipedia
Amathus Music
AMAZ Records
Amazing Grease Records
Amazon Records
Ambassadon Records
Amber Seahorse Records
Ambersound Recordings
Ambidextrous Music
Ambient Records
amBiguous CITY! Records
Ambivalent Records
Amduscias Records Net Label
Amenity Records
Amenti Music
America Records Corp.
American Blood Recordings
American Choral
American Classic Recordings
American Clave
American Dream Records
American Eagle Recordings
American Empire Records
American Fallout Records
American Garage Recorded Entertainment
American Gramaphone Records
American Jealousy
American Laundromat Records
American Melody
American Music
American Music Records via Wikipedia
American Record Company via Wikipedia
American Recording Productions
American Recordings via Wikipedia
American Roots & Blues Records
American Sound Records
Americana Records
Americatone International USA
Americus Records
Amethyst Records
Amfibius Recordings
Amherst Records
Amish Records
Amity Records
Ammonia Records
Ammunition Records
Amnesia Music
Amnesty Records
Amogla Records
Among Friends Records, Inc.
Amon-Raw Records
Ampersand Records USA
Amphetamine Reptile Records
Ampire Digital Recordings
Amplifire Records
Amsterdamned Records
Amulet Records
AMX Records
Amy Records via Wikipedia
Analog Records
Analysis Records
Analytical Productionz
Anamorphic Recordings
Anatomy Records
Anchor Records via Wikipedia
Anchorless Records
Ancient-Future.Com Records
Andie Records via Wikipedia
Anechoic Recordings
Angel Records
Angel Star Records
Angry Planet Records
Angry Seed Records
Aniar Records
Anisette Records
Anko Records
Anna Bea Records
Anna Records via Wikipedia
Annette Records via Wikipedia
Annitime Records
Annony Records
Anode Records
Anodyne Records
Anomalous Records
Antagonist Records
Antara Records
antebellum records
Antenna Farm Records
Anthill Records
Anthology Recordings
Anthracite Records
Anti-Authority Records
Anticipate Recordings
Anticlock Records
Anti-Creative Records
Antidote Records
Antilles Records via Wikipedia
Anti-Social Records
Antone's Records
Anxiety Records
Anytime Records, LLC
Anyway Records
AO Recordings
Aoede Records
AP Records
Apache Ranch Records
apendage records
Apex Records
Aphotic Records
API Records
APN Records
Apocalypse Records
Apollo Records via Wikipedia
Aporia Records
Appalachian Mountain Boys Music
Applause Records via Wikipedia
AppleJazz Records
Appleseed Recordings
Apria Records
Aquarium Records
Arbors Records, Inc
Archaic Records
Archenemy Record Company
Archeophone Records
Archer Avenue Record Company
Archer Records
Archetype Records
Architect Records
Architecture Records
Archive Records
Arclight Records
Arcola Records
ArcTheFinger Records
Arctic Siren Records
Ardent Records
Are You Ready Records
Area 67 Records
Argo Records
Argon Records
Ariana Records
Aries Records
Ariola Records via Wikipedia
Arista Nashville
Arista Records
Aristocrat Records via Wikipedia
Arizona University Recordings
Ark 21 Records
Arkadia Records
Arkain Records
Arlington Records
Arlingtone Records
Armageddon Records
Armed & Dangerous Records
Armed Records
Army Ant Records
Arrakis Records
Arrow Records
Arrow Records
Arsonal Records
Arsonic Heat Records
Art House Records
Art Hurts Records
Art Monkey Records
Art of Dance Records
Art of Life Records
Artfest Records
Artful Dodger Records
Artifact Recordings
Artificial Noise Records
Artist Owned records
Artmuse Records
Arto Records via Wikipedia
Arturim Records
Arula Records
Asar Records
Asaurus Records
Asbestos Records
Ascetic Records
Aseltine Records
Ashe Records
ASi Music Group
Asian Man Records
Askew Records
Aspired Records
Aspirion Records Group
'ASR Records - Kansas City USA
Assassin Records
AssFault Records
Assignment Records
ASTER Productions
Astounding JetCar Records
Astrocyte Records
Astronomy Records
Asylum Records
At Risk Entertainment
ATC Records
Atco Records via Wikipedia
Atlan-Dec/Grooveline Records
Atlanta Music Group
Atlantic Records
Atlantis Records Inc.
Atlas Records
Atomic City Records
Atomic K Records
Atomic Mouse Recordings
Atomisk Records
A-Town Records
Atrocious Records
Atta Girl Records
Aucourant Records
Audacity Records, Ltd.
Audika Records LLC
Audio Injection Records
Audio Kil Records
AudioFish Records
Audiofon Records
AudioLab Records
Audio-Oxygen Records
Audioquest Music
Audioscribe Records, Inc.
Augenblick Records
Augustus Hill Records
Aural Fixation Records
Aurality Records
Aurora Seven Records
Austin Records, Inc
Authentic Records
AutoFace Records
Autograph Records
Automat Records
Automation Records
Autonomous Records
Autopsy Kitchen Records
Autumn Records
Autumn Wolf Records
Aux Records
Aux Sable Records
AV Records
AV8 Records
Avalanche Records
Avant-Acoustic Records
Avatar Records
Avco Records via Wikipedia
AVD Records
Avebury Records
Avery Records
Aviator Records
Avid Records
Avita Records
Avita Records
Avitone Records via Wikipedia
Awaken Records
Aware Records
Axbar Records
Axe Records
Axis Records
Axon Records 
Azica Records
Azimuth Records
Azn Outlaw Records
Azra Records
Azteca Records
Aztek Records
Azure Miles Records
Azure Records
Back to Top
B 4 Reel Records
B&B Jazz
B&W Records
B.A.B Records LLC
B.I.E. Records
B2 Records
B4 Records
Babson Records
Baby Mack Records
Baby Pea Records
Babyeater Recordings
Babygrande Records
BabyJane Records
Back 9 Records
Back Alley Records
Back Beat Records via Wikipedia
Back Porch Records
Back to Work Records
Backbeat Records
BackBender Records
BackLot Records
Backstreet Records
Backwards Records
Backwoods EdgeRecords
Bad Apple Records
Bad Boy Records
Bad Daddy Records
Bad Daz Entertainment
Bad Dog Records
Bad Kitty Records
Bad Monkey Records
Bad Newz Entertainment
Bad Stain Records
Bad Weather Records
Badbreedproduction/Firestar Records
Badgramma Records
Badman Recording Co.
Badmaster Records
Bag-O-Cats Music
Bagpak Music
Bahama-Rama Records
Bailey Records
Baja Records
Baked Potato Recordings
Bakery Outlet Records
Bakery Records
Balkan Samba Records
Ballpark Records
Balls To The Wall Records
Banana Bread Records
Banazan Records
Band Geek Records
Band Together Records
Bandaloop Records
Bandit Records
Bandoneon Recordings
Bang On Records
Bang Records via Wikipedia
Bankroll Records
Banner Records
Banter Records
Bar/None Records
Barbaric Records
Barbès Records
Bare Metal Records
Barely Auditable Records
Barely There Records
Barfing Glitter Records
Barking Blues Music
Barking Dog Records
Barking Frog Music Group
Barking Pumpkin Records via Wikipedia
Barrett Records
Barrio Records
Barrister Records
Barrytunes Records
Bartók Records
Baryon Records
Base Hit Records
Basement Boys Records
Basement Front Records
Basement Life Records
Basement Records
BasicLux Records
Basin Street Records
Basina Recording Company
Bass Boy Records
Bass Walk Records
Bassbin Records
Basset Hound Music
Bassex Records
Bassline Music Group LLC
Bastard Jazz Recordings
Batlle Records
Batona Music
Bay Bridge Records
Bay Island Records
Bay Sound Records
Bayou Vista Records
Bayview Recording Company
Baywind Music Group
Bazialini Music Group
BB Records
BBP Records
BDB Records
BDM Records
Be Yourself Records
Beach Street Records
Bear Swamp Records
Bear Valley Records
Bearcat Records
Bearheart Records
Bearsville Records via Wikipedia
Beasley Music
BEAT BANGGAHZ Entertainment
Beat Fanatik Records
Beat Farm Recordings
Beat Syndicate/Syndisational Records
Beats and Rhymes Records
Beatville Records
Beau Monde Records
BEC Recordings
Beegum Records
Beep Repaired Records
Beer City Records
Beercan Records
Beevine Records
Beezwax Records
Behold Recordings
Beige Records
Bel-Aire Records
Bell Records via Wikipedia
Belle Records
Bellmark Records via Wikipedia
Below Recordings
Beltway 8 Records
Bembé Records
Benchmark Records
Beneath The Surface Records
Beneficence Recordings
be-nice records
Benny Benz Records and Entertainmnet
Benson Records
Bent Pussycat Records
BePop Records
Berserker Records
Beserkley Records via Wikipedia
Best Friends Records
BETA Records
Beta-lactam Ring Records
Bethany Records
Bethlehem Records via Wikipedia
Better Looking Records
Bettie Rocket Records
Bettygirl Records
Beyond The Skies Records
Bezelout Records
BFL Recordings
BGI Records
BGM Records
Bhai Records
Bia Records
Bi-Fi Records
Big Action Records
Big Baby Records
Big Beat Records via Wikipedia
Big Beef Records
Big Bender Records
Big Blast Records
BIG BLue Records
Big Blue Sky Records
Big Body Records
Big Boss Records
Big Bruva Records
Big Casserole Records
Big Cat Records
Big Chicago Records
Big Chief Recordings
Big Chiefin Records
Big Cypress Records
Big Fat Records
Big Fish Records
Big Frank Records
Big Grip Records
Big Head Records
Big Heavy World
Big John Records
Big Lizard Records
Big Machine Records
Big Medicine Records
Big Mo Records
Big Mojo Records
Big Muddy Records
Big Neck Records
Big Oomp Records
Big Quack Records
Big Round Records
Big Shot Music Group, Inc.®
Big Sleep Records
Big Token Records
Big Top Records
Big Town Records
Big Tree Records via Wikipedia
Big Truck Records
Big Wheel Recreation via Wikipedia
Big Wig Records
Big Yard Music Group
Big Yellow Hand Records
Big3 Records
BigBag Records
Bigg Mony Records
Bigmaf Records
Bigtyme Recordz
Bigwood Records
Biltmore Records via Wikipedia
BIM Records
BIMA Records
Binary Sun Records
Bindu Records
Binky Records
Biograph Records
BiPolar Records
BI-R Records
Bird Egg Records
Bird In Hand Records
Birdcage Records
Birdhouse Records
Birdman Recording Group
Birds Go South Records
Birthwrite Records
Bison Records
BisonHead Records
Biswas Records
Bitch Slap Records
Bitemark Records
Bitter Stag Records
Bittersweet Records
Bittersweet Records Co.
BizBlues Records
BJ Records
BKA Records
Black & White Records via Wikipedia
Black Alley Records
black and greene records
Black Armor Records
Black Butterfly Records
Black Collar Records (division of Black Collar Entertainment, Inc.)
Black Diamond Records/IHP Media Film&Music Groups Llc.
Black Dog Records
Black Dot Records
Black Eye Records
Black Grove 401 Records
Black Hat Records
Black Honey Records
Black Iris Records
Black Jazz Records
Black Liberty Records
Black Market Records
Black Monolith Records
Black Mountain Records
Black Nation Records
Black Nite Records
Black Patti Records via Wikipedia
Black Potatoe Records
Black Pumpkin Records
Black Rain Records
Black Rose Records
Black Shadow Records
Black Sheep Records
Black Star Records
Black Swan Records
Black Vinyl Records
Black Wall Street Records
Blackball Records
Blackberry Records
BlackCottage Records
BlackFly Records
Blackheart Records
Blackjack Records
Blackklown Records
Blackout Records
BlackPlatinum Records
Blackroom Records
BlackSound Records
Blackwelder Records
Blade of Grass Records
Blak Cadre Records
Blak Glossy Records
Blakk Water Records
Blank Shell Records
Blaq Bone Records
Blaq Ice Records
Blasphemous Records
Blastika Rekordz
Blatant Records
Blaze One Records
Blazin G Records
Blazing Guns Records
B-Lazy Records
Bless Records
BlessedBeats Records
Blind Eye Records
Blind Pig Records
Blind Records
Blind Spot Records
Bling Bling Records
Blisscent Records
Blix Street Records
Blo Records
Bloated Goat Records
Block Bottom Records
Block Party Records
Blockboy Records
Blonde Records
Blood & Ink Records
Blood and Guts Records
Bloodfish Records
Bloodlink Records
Bloodshot Records
Bloody Daggre Records
Blow Out Records
Blow Records
Blowed Records
Blu Sol Records
Blue Antenna Records
Blue Bell Records
Blue Bella Records
Blue Bhikku Records
Blue Bleep Records
Blue Canoe Records
Blue Car Records
Blue Chopsticks Records 
Blue Diamond Records
Blue Disco Records
Blue Dog Publishing and Records
Blue Door Records
Blue Duck Records 
Blue Flamingo Records
Blue Goose Records
Blue Hat Records
Blue Hen Records
Blue Heron Records
Blue Jordan Records
Blue Label Records 
Blue Movie Records
Blue Night Records
Blue Note Records
Blue November Records
Blue Orange Records
Blue Orbit Music and Records 
Blue Prints Records
Blue Pyramid Records
Blue Rhythm Records
Blue Road Records
Blue Rock Records
Blue Rock'it Records
Blue Soul Records
Blue Springs Records
Blue Texas Records
Blue Tone Records
Blue Turtle Records
blue water records
Blue Wave Records
Blue Witch Records
Blue Worm Records
Blue/black Records
Blueberry Buddha Records
Bluebox Records
BlueDisguise Records
Bluefield Records
Bluejay Records
Blueperry Hill Records
Blueplate Records
Blues Bureau Records
Blues Crew Records
Blues Eclipse Records
Blues Express Records
Blues Farm Records
Blues Leaf Records
Blues Rock Records
Bluesland Records
BluesPages Records
Bluesprings Music Group
BlueStone Records
Blunt Wrap Records
Bluntface Records
Blurred Insight Records
Blush Records
BMC Records
BML Records
BNA Records Label
BNK Records
BnM Records
Boathouse Records
Bobbysox Records
Bobo Records
Bobsled Records
Bodacious Records
Bodyguard Records
Bodymore Recordz
Bogus Records
Bohemia Beat Records
Boiler House Records, Inc.
BoJak Records
Bol Records
Bolero Records
Bollyhood Records
Bomb Hip-Hop Records
Bombeatz Records
Bondage Records
Bonded Records, Inc.
Bone Thug Records
Bonedog Records
BoneTone Records
Bonghit Records
Bongo Boy Records
Bongolandia Records
Bony Orbit Records
Boogie Man Records
Book Records
Boomsonic Records
BoomTap Records
Boosweet Records
Boot to Head Records
boot2brain records
Bootcamp Records
Booty Bar Records
Bop City Records
Bop Tart Records
Border Blue Records
Borderline Records
Bordertown Records
Boredom Noise Records
Born Insane Records
Boston Records
Boston Skyline Records
Bottom Line Records
Bound For Glory Records
Bouno Records
Bow Down Records
Bowsh records
BPM Machine Records
Bracken Records
Braeburn Records
Brain Constipation Records 
Brainticket Records
Brajo Records
Brake Fast Records
Bramsar Records
Branch Records
Brand Name Records
Brand New Hero Records
Brandon Records
Brave Tiger Records
Break Brigade Records
Break Even Records
Break of Day Records
Break Records
Breakfast Records
Breakin' Bread Records
Breaking The Law Records
Breaking World Records
Break-Up! Records
Breathe Records
Breezeway Records
Brentwood Records
BRG Records
BRI Records
Briarmeade Records
Brick City Records
Brick Records
Bridge Records
Bright Green Records
Bright Midnight Records
Brilliant Records
Brilliante Records
Brioso Recordings
Bris Records
Brittney Records
Broadmoor Records
Brodsky Records
Broke & Hungry Records
Brokecore Records
Broken Arrow Records
Broken Bow Records
Broken Complex Records
Broken Line Records
Broken Media Records
Broken Records
Broken Records
Broken River Records
Broken Spoke Records
Broken White Records
Bronco Records
Brooklyn Supermartyr Records
Brooknam Entertainment Inc.
Brookside Records
Brotheryn Records
Brotown Records
Brown Book
Brown Dog Records, Inc.
Brownglass Entertainment
brownstone records
Browntone Records
Brunette Records
Brunswick Records
Brushfire Records
Brutal Noise Music Co.
Brutal Panda Records
Brutal Records
Brutally Honest Records
BSI Records
BSS Records
BSW Records
B-Town Records
Btrendy Records
Bu Hanan Records
BuckWild Records
Buddha Belt Records
Buddy System Records
Buffalo Records
Build a Buzz Records
Built On Strength Records
BULB Records
Bull Records
Bullet Records
Bum Leg Records
bumbleBEAR records
Bummer Tent Records
Bumpin City Records
Bungalo Records
bunny huang records
Bunnysmoke Records
Burn Burn Burn Records
Burndsman Records
Burning Disk Records
Burning Records
Burnside Records
Burnt Records
Burnt Sienna Records
Burnt Sound Records
Burntskillet records
Burrito Records
Business Deal Records
Buster Records
Busytown Records
Buttermilk Records/FlatRock Records
Buy My Records
Buy Our Records
Buzy Bee Recordz
Buzz Bang Records
B-Venturous Records
By the Blood Records
Byrd Records
Back to Top
C&D Records
C.E.R. Records
C.F. Records
C/Z Records
C3 Records
Cab Stand Records
Cabal Records
Cabin Creek Records
Cacophonics Records
Cadco Records
Cadence Jazz Records
Cadence Phoenix Records
 Caffeinated Recordings
Caffeine Teen Records
Cage Free Records
Cagoots Records
Cajual Records
Cake Records
Cala Records
Calamari Records
Caliph Records
Cambia Records 
Camel Records
Camelback Records
Camera Records
Camp Fury Records
Campfire Records
Canasta Records
Cancer Records
Candelo Records
Candle Girl Records
Candlelight Records USA
Candlewax Records
Candyass Records
CandyRat Records
'Cane Records
Chophouse Records
Chopper City Records
Chops Not Chaps Records
Chopsocky Records
Chowda' Records
Christal Records
Christ-Centered Records
Christmas Mountains Records
Chrome Peeler Records
Chrome Records
Chuck Wild Records
Chuckie-Boy Records
Chueffa Records
Chunksaah Records
CI Records
Cilla P Records
Cipher Records
Circle Of Gold Records
Circle One Records
Circuit Rider Records
Circus Fish Records
City Beat Records
City Boot Records
City Canyons Records
City Salvage Records
Cix7 Records
Clamarama Records
Clarion Records
Classic Records
Classical Angst Records
Clayhead Records
Clean Plate Records
Clear Blue Records
Clear Diamond Records
Clear Song Records
Clearstream Records
Clearwater Records
Cleopatra Records
Cleveland International Records
Cleveland Unlimited Records
Clever Sheep Records
Clickpop Records
Climate Records
Climax Records
Clip Records
Clique Records
Clou Records
Cloud 13 Records
Cloud Nine Records
Clover Club Recordings
Club Recordings
Clubbo Records
Clubhouse Records
CMH Records
CML Records
CMR Records
Coach House Records
Coalition Records
Coast Records
Coast Road Records
Coccroach Records
Cochon Records
Coco Machete Records
code adam records
Codek Records
Coffee-Hut Records
Cohort Records
Cold Beauty Records
Cold Cannon Records
Cold Cash Records
Cold Crush Records
Cold Feet Records
Cold Spring Records
Cold Wind & Narnian Records
Cold Wit It Records
Coldfront Records
Coldhouse Records
Coldtrax Recordings
Coliseum Records
Collect "N" Cabbage Records
Collectiv Records
Colon Records
Colonies 2 Records
Colt Records
Columbia Records
COM Music Group
Combat Records
Combo Records
Come Git Sum Records
Comeback Records
Comet-Kazi Records
Commission Records
Common Cloud Records
Common Era Records
CommonWealth Records
Community B Records
Compadre Records
Companion Records
Compass Records
Compendia Records
Component Records
Compound Annex Records
Compression Records
Compulsive Records
Computer Club Records
Comradery Records
Con Brio Recordings
Concealed Records LLC
Concentrate Records
Concert Hall Records
Concord Music Group
Condor Records
Conduit Records
Confidential Recordz
Conjur Root Records
Conjuroo Recordings
Conquer Records
Conquer The World Records
Conqueroot Records
Conqueror Records via Wikipedia
Conscious Records
Constant Change Records
Consuming Fire Records
Contact Records
Contaminated Records
Contango Records
Contemplato Records
Contemporary Records via Wikipedia
Continental Records
Contour Records
Contraband Records
ContrastMusic Recordings
Conundrum Records
Convincing Woodgrain Records
Cool Beans! Magazine and Records
Cool Eight Records
Copacetic Records
Copper Creek Records
Copper Vein Records
Copperfield Records
Coptercrash Records
Corleone Records
Corona Records
Corporate Disposal Records
Corporate Nightmare Records
Corporate Punishment Records
Corridor Records
Corwood Industries via Wikipedia
Cosmic Jukebox Records
Cosmic Troubadour Records
Cosmonaut Records
Cosmotone Records
Cotton Mouth Music Group
Cougar Records
Council Records
Counted Records, Inc.
Counterfeit Records
Count-It Records
Country Country Records
Country Discovery Records
Country Showcase America Records
County Bound Records
Courthouse Records
Courtney Records
Coz Records
CozRush Records
Crabouiller Record Company
Crackpipe Records
Crafty Records
Crane Mountain Records
Cranium Records,Inc
Crankspiv Records
Crave Records via Wikipedia
Cravedog Records
Crazed Piranha Records
Crazy Fungus Records
Crazy Loot Records
Crazy Moon Records
Crazy Times Records
Crazy Town Recordz
Creative Life Records
Creative Records, Inc.
Creative Works Records
Credit Records
Creep Records
Creeper Records
CreepyTom's Records
Creole Downhome Records
Crescent City Records via Wikipedia
Crescent Records
Crimes Against Humanity Records
Criminal IQ Records
Criminal Records (San Jose)
Crisis Records
Crooked Records
Crooked Root Records
Crooked Tooth Records
Cross Movement Records
Crosscheck Records
Cross-Driven Records
Crossfade Records
Crossfire Records
CrossPoint Records
Crow Records
CrowArt Records
Crowd Control Records
Crown Records
Crownpoint Records
Crunkland Records
Crusader Records
Crush Recordings
Crustacean Records
Crypt Records
Crystal Records
CSP Records
CT Records
CTA Records
CTI Jazz
CTI Records via Wikipedia
CTR (Culture Taxi Records)
Cub Records via Wikipedia
Cuban Fan Belt Records
Cueball Records
CueZone Records
Culburnie Records
Cult Hero Records
Cumulus Records
Cuneiform Records
Cupit Records
Cuppa Joe Records
Curb Records
Curbside Records
Cure Recordings
Curly & Spike Records
Curtom Records via Wikipedia
Curve of the Earth Records
Custom Entities Records
Cut And Paste Records
Cutiepop Records
Cutting Records
Cuzone Records
Cybertronic Records
Cyclotron Records
Cypher Records
CZYZ Records
Back to Top
D Records
D ToX Records
D&B Records
D.R.P. Records
Da 1 Records
Da Crib Records
Da 'Skreet Records
Dae One Records
Daedream Records
Daemon Records
Dagger Records
Dajazz Records
Dakota Ridge Records
Dakotah Records
Daleth Music Group
Dallas Blues Society Records
Dallas Dymondlife Records
Dalloway Records
Daly City Records
Damage Records
Damon Dash Music Group
Damon Records via Wikipedia
Dana Records
Danbla Records
Dancing Cat Records
Dandy Records
Danger High Voltage Records
Dangerbird Records
Dangerhouse Records via Wikipedia
Dangerous Entertainment Group
Danjerous Recordz
Daptone Records
Darach Recordings
DARC Records
Daredevil Music Group
Dargason Music
DARIAN Entertainment
Daring Records
Dark Alliance Records
Dark Bird Records
Dark Duck Records
Dark Records
Dark Star Records
Dark Stream Records
Dark Valley Records
Dark Yoga Records
Darkghost Records
Darkroom Records
Darkwhite Records
Darla Records
Dart Records
DAUM Records
Daven Records
Davenport Records
Davis Entertainment Records
Dawg Boi Records
Dawn Records via Wikipedia
Day 51 Records
Day Old Records
Day Star Records
DaySleeper Records
DaySpring Records via Wikipedia
DBO Records
DCD Records
DCide Records
DC-Jam Records
De Luxe Records via Wikipedia
Dead Beat Records
Dead Canary Records
Dead Ninja Records
Dead Salesman Records
Dead Soul Records
Dead Teenager Records
Dead77 Records
DeadEye Records
Deaf Row
DeafCat Records
Deafinit Records
Dealin Records
Deary Me Records
Death Grip Records
Death Rattle Records
Death Ready Records
Death Row Records
DeathStar Records
Death-Star Records
Debonaire Records, Inc.
Debut Records via Wikipedia
Decel Records
December's Ghost Records
Decepticonz Recordz
Deceptive Vision Records
Decimal Records
Decisive Sound Records
Declassified Records
Dedication Records
Deep Concentration Recordings
Deep Eddy Records
Deep Elm Records
Deep Rush Records
Deep Secret Records
Deep Shag Records
Deep Six Records
Deep South Records
Deep Space Records
Deepfield Records
Deepfunk Records
DeepThinka Records
Def Jam Recordings
Def Mute Records
Defective Records
Deftone Records
Dejavu Record Company
Del-Fi Records
DelFuMo Records
Deliberately Insane Records
Delikatessen Records
Delirium Records
Delmark Records
Delphi Tribe Records
Delta Records, Inc
Delta Tone 40 Records
Delusion Records
Delusional Records
Deluxe Curl Records
Delvian Records
DEM Recordings
Dem Records
DemiVox Records
Demonbeach Records
Demulcent Records
Denmark Street Records
Denon Records
Denwa Records
Deposition Recordings
Depot Records
Dep't of Records
Derailleur Records
Derby Records via Wikipedia
Derlie Records
Desafinado Records
Desert Highway Records
DeSoto Records
Desperate Attempt Records
Destination Records
Destined Records
Destined To Be Records
Destiny Music Productions
destro records
Destune Records
Detach Records
Detonator Records
Detour Recordings
Detour Records & Films
Detroit Rock Media Records
De-U Records
deVICE Records
Devil Doll Records
Devine Records
Devious Girl Records
Devotion Records
DFA Records
DGB Records
Dharmapala Records
Diadem Music Group
Dial Records
Dialtone Records
Diamante Music Group via Wikipedia
Diamond Cut Records
Diamond D Records
Diamond Note Records
Dice Records
Dielectric Records
Diesel Groove Records
Diesel Only Records
Diet Strychnine Records
Dieyetribe Records
Diffusion Records
Diggin Dog Records
DigiSpace Records
Digital Dexterity Records
Digital Music Products
Digitalized Records
Digitone Records, LLC
DigiVintage Records Ltd.
Dim Mak Records
Dime Records
Dimension One Records
Din Din Records
Dingamo Records
Dink Records
Dinoroar Records
Dinosaurio Records
Dionysus Records
DIP Records
Dippy Records
Direct Music Group
Direction Records
Dirrty Records
Dirt Records
Dirt Road Records
Dirtbox Records
Dirtnap Records
Dirty Flo Records
Dirty Money Records, LLC.
Dirty Queen Records
Dirty Red Entertainment
Dirty Route Records Inc.
Dirty South Records
Dirty South Records
Dirty Water Records
Dischord Records
Disc'n'DAT Records
Disconnected Records
Discovery Records via Wikipedia
Disctrackted Records
Disgraceland Records
Disgruntled Records
Disintigration Records
Dis-Joint / Re-Joint Records
Diskatopia Records
Diskosquid Records
Dismal Life Records
Disquietude Records
Distant Planet Records
Distill Records
Distort -O- Sound Records
Distor-ted Records
Distortions Records
Distress Signal Records
District Records
District Sound Recordings
Distro Records
DivaNation Records
Divercity Records
Divi Records
Divine Core Records
Division Tree Records
Division X Records
Dixie Records
Dixieland Jubilee Records via Wikipedia
Dixieland Records via Wikipedia
Dizzy Lizard Records
DJM Records
DLB Recordz
DM Records
DME Music Group
DMII Records
DnF Records
Doc Blues Records
Docile Records
Doctor K Records
Doggy Style Records
Doghouse Records
Dogmachine Records
Dogstreet Records
Doilie Records
Dollar Record Records
Dollaz Records, LLC.
Dolo Records
Dolton Records via Wikipedia
Domo Records
Don Giovanni Records
Done Betta Music Group (DBMG)
Doniryeed Records
Doobie Shea Records
Dook Records
Doom Records
Door Knob Records
Dopamine Records/ Amalagate Records
Dope Fiend Records
Dope House Records Inc.
Dope Lotus Records
Dope Records
Dorje Records
Dormant Records
Dosco Records
Dot Records via Wikipedia
Double Crown Records
Double D Records
Double Deal Brand Records
Double Decker Records
Double Hard Records
Double Helix Records
Double Kick Records
Double or Nothing Records
Double Platinum Records
Double Trouble Records
Double Zero Records
DoublEE Records
DoublePlay Records
Double-Time Jazz / Double-Time Records
Doubleup Records
Doubling Cube Records
DoughMain Records
Dove Records
Dovecote Records
Down Low Records, Inc
Down Under Records
Downfall Records
Downshift Records
Doxy Records
Dr Cyclops Records
Dr. Strange Records
Dragon Street Records, Inc.
Dream Horse Records
Dreamlight Records
DreamMaker Records
Dreamport Records
Dreamscape Music Group
Dreamscape Records Ltd.
Dreamtime Records
Dreamvision Records
DreamWorks Records
Dreyfus Records
DRG Records Inc.
Drill 'Em Out Records
Drimala Records
Drish Records
Drive-In Records
Drive-Thru Records
Drug Mouth Records
Drum Dancer Records
Drumdrum Records
Drumkid Records
Drunken Fish Records
Dry Gulch Records
Dry Hump Recordings
D-Style Records
DSV Records
DTA Records
D-tize Records
D-Town Records
DTS Records
Dualsix Records
Dualtone Music Group
Dubcoast Records
Dub-Dub Records LLC.
Dubphonic Recordings
Dubplanet Records
Duck Sauce Records
DuckDown Records
Ducksoup Records
DUI Records
Dulce Records
Dun Graduated Records
Duna Records
Dunda Chief Records
Dunhill Records via Wikipedia
Dunne Roman Records
DuPree Records
Durney Boy Records
Durty Mick Records
DuRu Records
Dust Recordings
Dust Records
Dusty Medical Records
Dutchoven Records
DV8now Records
D-Version Records
Dwell Records
DWM Music Company
Dyin' Breed Records
Dying Wish Records
Dynamophone Records
Dynasty Records
Dynasty Records
Dysgenic Records
Dystopian Records
Back to Top
E & S Records
E Saint Records
E.S. Records
E3 Records
Eagle Eye Records
Eaglebird Records
Ear Magic Records
Earjuice Records
Early Bird Records Inc.
EarthBeat! Records
Earthology Records
Earthtone Records
Earvolution Records
Earwig Music Company, Inc
East Elm Records
East Side Records
EastCoast Records
Eastern Conference Records
Eastlawn Records
EastWestNow Records
Easy Star Records
Easy Street Records
Eat Me! Records
Ebola Music Records
Ebony Records & Recording Company
Ebullition Records
ECA Records
ECEG Records
Echo Lake Records
Echo Park Records
Echograph Records
Echostatic Records
Echota Records
ECKO Records
Eclectic Coalition Records
Eclectone Records
Eclectra Records
Eclipse Records, Inc.
Ecstatic Records
Ed Walters Records
EdenDust Records
Edgetone Records
EDI Records
Edison Records via Wikipedia
Edrick Records
EEG Records
Effen Records
EG Kight Entertainment/Blue South Records
eggBERT Records
EGR Records
Egyptian Empire Records
Eidus Records
eight records
Eighth Dimension Records
EightNineThree Records
Einstein Records
Einsteinium Records
Eject Records
Eklect Records LLC
EKLECTRA Presents Records
El Ra Records
El Tonal Records
ÉLAN Recordings
Élan Records
Elastic Records
Elation Records
Elderly Man Records
Elect Records
Electric City Records
Electric Lemon Record Co.
Electric Monkey Records
Electric Pickle Records
Electro Motive Records
Electrobeat Records
Electro-Fi Records
Electrofunk Records
Electrogroove Records
Electrogusto Music
Electrosnail Records
Elegua Records
Elektra Records
Element Records
Elemental Records
Elementree Records
Elephant Stone Records
Elephanthaus Records
Elevate Records
Eleven Records
Eleven Thirty Records
Elf Records
Elijah Records
ELIS EIL Records
Elite Music Group
Elite Records
Elizabeth Records
Elkion Records
Elm Street Records
Elokim Records
Elsinor Records
Elwood Records
Elysium Recordings
Emanon Records
EmArcy Records via Wikipedia
Embryo Records LLC
Emerald Bay Records
Emerald City Records of Hollywood
Emerald Records
Emerge Recordings
Emerge Records
Emergency Umbrella Records
Emerging Records
Emerson Records
EMF Media/Electronic Music Foundation
EMI Gospel
EMI Latin
Eminence Records
Eminent Records
Emperor Norton Records
Emphasis Records
Empire Records Inc.
Empire Thang Records
EMPulse Records
Empyrean Quest Publishers
Empyrean Records
Emtro Gospel
Emunity Records
En Victora Records
Enchanted Vibrations Records
End Of The Circle Records
Endiem Records
Endless Fight Records
Endless Records
Endwell Records
Enemy Line Records
ENEMY Records
Enemy Records
Engine Company Records
Engine Shed Records
Enneagram Records
Enormous Records, LLC
Enslave Records
En-soul Records
Enthrone Records
Entwine Records
Enuma Recordings
Envee Records
Envelop Records
Envy Records
EnZephyr Records Inc.
Eolian Records
Eonian Records, LLC
Epic Records
Epicenter Records
Epidemic Records
Epilogue Records
Epiphany Records
Epitaph Records
Epitone Records
Epoisse Records
EQ Records
Equal Vision Records
Equilibrium Music Group
Equity Music Group
Equus Productions and Records
Erato Records via Wikipedia
Erawan Records
Erlendahle Records
Erosion Arts Records
Error404 Records
Erstwhile Records
Erth Records
Esad Records
Escape Artist Records
Escape Pod Records
Eschatone Records
Escovator Records
Escuchalo Records
ESF Records
Esmeralda Records
Esntion Records
Espo Records
Espy Records
Espyionage Records
Esquire Records
Essay Records
Essence of Now Records
Essential Records
Establishment Records
Estrus Records
eSunset Records
Eternal Beat Records
Eterniti Records
Eternity's Jest Records
Etheric Records
Ethic Recordings
E-TIP Records
E-Town Records
E-Train Records
eugene records
Eupholus Records
Euphorbia Records
Euphoria Records
Euterpe Records
Evening Star Records
Ever Reviled Records
Everglory Records
Evergreen Records
Everlong Records
Everloving Records
Everreel Records
Evil Eye Records
Evil Legend Records
Evil Teen Records
Evo Records
Evolution Records
Excalibur Records
Excel Records via Wikipedia
Excelsior Empire Records
Excursion Records
Exile Records
Exit Records
Exodus Records via Wikipedia
Exotic Fever Records
Exploitation Records
Explosive Records
Extasy Records International
Extra Small Records
Exumbrella Records
Eye Of The Storm Records
Eye Reckon Records
Eye Scream Records
Eyeball Records
Eyeneer Records
Eyespin Records
Eyran Records
Back to Top
F Nice Records Inc.
F.L.I. Records, Inc.
F5 Records
Fable Records
Facedown Records
Factory Chime Records
Fade Records
Fahrenheit Records,LLC
Failed Experiment Records
Fair Oaks Records
Fairway Records
Fairwell Records
Faithful Records
Fake Chapter Records
Falcom Records
Fall Girl Records
Fall Of Rome Records
Fall Records
Fallen Brick Records
Fambam Records
Familia Records
Family Vineyard Records
Fan Attic Records
Fandango Records
Fania Records
Fantasy Records
Far North Records
Fargone Records
Fargone Records
Farish Street Records of Mississippi
Farside Records
Fast Action Records
Fast Kill Records
FastLane Records
Fat Chance Records
Fat Cobra Records
Fat Cuz Records
Fat Fish Records
Fat J Records
Fat Possum Records
Fat Rabbit Records
Fat Tuesday Records
Fathme Records
Fatius Walker Records
F-Beat Records via Wikipedia
FBI Records
FBI Recordz
F-Bomb Records
FDH Records
FDR (Face Down Records)
FDS Recordings
Fear Not Records
Fear Records
Fearless Records
Fed Up Records
Federal Records via Wikipedia
Fedora Records
Fedtyme Records
Feed The Machine Records
Feel Records
Feelin' Groovy Records
FeerLess Recordz
Feldspar Records
Fella Fella Records
Felt Records
Female Fun Records
Femto Records
Feralette Records
Ferrispark Records
Fertile Crescent Records
Fertile Ground Records
Fervent Records
Fever Records
Fever Rock Records
FFROE Records
FGM Records
Fi Records
Fictitious Records
Fiddler Records
Fidelity Records
Fieldhouse Records
Fifty-Fifty Records
Fig Leaf Records
Fighting Records
Film Records
Filthy Note Records
Filthy Records
Finatic Records
Fine Arts Records
Fine Grooved Records
Finger Records
Fingerprint Records
Fingerwoven Records
Fire Lane Records
Fire Proof Records
Firebrand Records
Firedance Records
Firenze Records
Firestreet Records
Firetrunk Records
Firmament Records
First Amendment Records
First Avenue Records via Wikipedia
First Cut Records
First Generation Records
First Step Records
Fish Tail Records
Fishbowl Records
Fishhead Records
Five Foot Two Records
Five on One Records
Fivecore Records
Fizzywater Records
Flaccid Rock Records
Flagrant Records
Flair Records
Flameshovel Records
Flaming Neck Records
Flammable Records
Flapping Jet Records
Flare Records
Flash Records
Flashback Records
Flat Baroque Records
Flat Earth Records
Flat Rock Records
Flat Town Music Company
Flatland Records
Flattened Planet Records
Flava House Records
Flavor Records
Flawless Records
Fleece Records
Flicker Records LLC
Flip Records via Wikipedia
Flipped Out Records
Flipside Records
Flo - Rida Records
Floating Opera Records
Floating Point Records
Flobiz Records
Floodgate Records
Flooressence Records
Flophouse Records
Flotation Records
Flower Blade Records
Fluid Groove Records
Flutemuse Records
Fly Away Records
Flyin' Cloud Records
Flying Bomb Records
Flying Coaster Records
Flying Coyote Records
Flying Dog Records
Flying Dolphin Records
Flying Frog Records
Flying Heart Records
Flying Note Records
Flying Penguin Records
FlypDysk Records
Flyte Time Records via Wikipedia
Flyy Records
Foam Records
Focal Records
Fog City Records
Fogue Records
Foil Records
Folk Era Records
FolkDiva Records
Folk-Legacy Records, Inc.
FolkPunk Records
Folkways Records via Wikipedia
Foma Records
Fondle 'Em Records
Fonovisa Records
Food Records via Wikipedia
Food Stamp Records
Foodchain Records
Foolish Records
Footstep Records
For The Philistine Records
ForDaFresh Records
Foreala Records
ForeFront Records
Forest Records
Forevermore Music & Records
Forge Again Records
Forget About Records
Fork In Hand Records
Form Records
Formaldehyd Records
Fortified Records
Fortissimo Records
Fortune Records
Fossil Records
Foul Country Records
Foulplay Records
Foundation Records
Foxglove Records
Foxhaven Records
FPM Records
Fr33k Records
Frantic Records
Fraternity Records via Wikipedia
Fred Records
Freddie Records
Free Abortions Records
Free Election Records
Free Measure Records
Free School Records
Free Spirit Records
Free Style Records
Free The Funk / Free Records
Freedom Art Records
Freedom in Exile Records
FreeHam Records
Freepott Records
Freetone Records
Freeway Records
Freewill Records
Frenchkiss Records
Frenetic Records
Frequency Deleted Records
Frequency Records
Freshwater Records
Fretgirl Records
Friction Records
Friendly Bull Records
Friends and Relatives Records
Friends Make Records
Frigid Ember Records
Frizzle Records
Frog & Scorpion Records
Frog Pad Records
Frog Stand Records
Frogstory Records
Frogville Records
Front Hall Records
Front Page Records
Front Row Records
Frontier Records
FrontStreet Records LLC
Frozen Rope Records
Fruit Punch Records
Fruitbat Records
Fruity Satan Records
Frustrated Records
FSL Records
FTF Records
Fu Man Chaw Records
Fuel 2000 Records
Fueled By Ramen Records
Fugitive Recordings
Fugue Records
Full Blast Records
Full Blown Records
Full Effect Records
Full Frame Records
Full Light Records
Full Press Records
Full Surface Records
Full Tilt Records
Fum Records
Fumiser Records
Fun Bone Records
Funk Lab Records
Funk'd Records
Funked Out Records
Funktastik Records
Funktion Records / Stage 5 Entertainment
Funkular!? Records
Funkytonk Records
Funusual Records
Funzalo Records
Furnace Records
Fuschia Death Records
Futurama Records
Future Flow Records
Future Hop Records
Future Kings Records
Future Primitive Sound
Future Skully Record Label
Futuresonic Records
Fuvkin Music Group
Fuzzy Box Records
Fuzzy Duck Records
FuzzyWarblez Wreckordz
Fwallage! Records
Back to Top
G in CHARGE Records
G.E.P. Records
G.I.T. (Gettin' It Together) Records
Gadfly Records
GAG Order Records
Galactic Dust Records
Galactica Records
Galaxie Records
Galaxy Music Group
Galaxy Records
Gale Force Records
Gallery Records
Gallery Six Records
Gamble Records via Wikipedia
Game Tight Records
Game Up Records
Gammon Records
Gamut Records
Gang Green Entertainment
Gang Green Records
Ganga Records
Gangsta Boogie Records
Gangsta Incc Records
Gangsta Island Records
Gangsta Music Recordz
Garageband Records
GarageLand Records
Garuda Records
Garudio Records
Gas Chamber Records
Gaston Records
Gate2Gate Productions, G2G Records
Gato Records
GBM Records
Gearhead Records
Gee Records via Wikipedia
Gee Street Records via Wikipedia
Geekcore Records
Geffen Records
Gemini Records
Gemini Sun Records
Gemtone Records
Gender Nectar Records
General Records via Wikipedia
Generate Records
Genesis Records
Gennett Records via Wikipedia
Genre Records
Genterine Records
Gentle Giant Records
Geode Records
Geofonica Records
Geophone Records
Geoshire Records
Gern Blandsten Records
Gestalt Records
Get Gone Records
Get It Right Records
Get Low Records
Get Open Records
Get Outta Town Records
Get Ready Records
Get Real Records LLC
Get Revenge! Records
Get the Word Out Records
Gett-N-Throwed Records
Geykido Comet Records
G-Fam Records
GFR Records
G-H Records
Ghetto Angel Records
Ghodzilla Records
Ghost Records
Ghostmeat Records
Giant Pecker Records
Giant Records via Wikipedia
Giant Step Records
Gig Records
Gigafone Records
Gigantic Records
Gigawatt Records
Ginger Root Records
Gingko Leaf Records
Ginnin' Cotton Records
Girl Talk Records
GirlGang Records
Git It Ryte Records
Git Wit It Records
Giuseppe Joe Records
Give Us A Break Records
Glacier Records
Glacierboy Records
Gladiator Records
Glass Manacle Records
Glazed Records
Gleet and Gumma Records
Glistening Trail Records
Glitter Kitty Records
Glitterati Records
Global Disc Records
Global Records
Global Trax Records
Global Zero Records
Globe Records
Glocc Cocced Records
Gloom Records
Glorious Noise Records
Glory Kid Records
Glory Train Records
Glow-in-the-Dark Records
Glue Factory Records
GMM Records
Gnarly Geezer Records
gnarphlager records
Gnashville Sounds Records
Gnosis Records
Gnostic Records
GNP/Crescendo Records
Go Little Records
Go Pop!! Records
GO Records
Go! Beat Records via Wikipedia
Goblin Girl Records
God is Myth Records
God Production Records
GoDigital Records
God's Promise Records via CD Universe
GodsChild Records
GogmaGod Records
Go-Kart Records
Gold Castle Records via Wikipedia
Gold Circle Records
Gold City Records
Gold Mountain Records via Wikipedia
Gold Star Records via Wikipedia
Golden Beams Records
Golden Bullet Records
Golden Eagle Records
Golden Horn Records
Golden Records
Golden World Records via Wikipedia
Goldisc Records
Goldstein Music Group
Goldtown Records
Golly Gee Records
Gomer Records
Gone Records via Wikipedia
Goner Records
Gonervill Records
goneundone records
Gonzo! Records
Good Acid Records
Good Charamel Records
Good God Almighty Records
Good Gog Records
Good Ground Records
Good Guy Records
Good Hands Records
Good Ink Records via CD Universe
Good Mojo Records
Good Time Jazz Records via Wikipedia
GoodFella Records
Goodfellas Records
Goodnight Kiss Records
Goodnight Records
Gordy Records via Wikipedia
Gospel Express Records
Gospel Truth Records via Wikipedia
Gospo Centric & B-Rite Music
Gossip Records & ÜNDO music
Got Beats Records
Got My Own Records
Gotee Records
Gotham Records
Gothic Records
Grade 44 Records
Grain Of Salt Records
Grammercy Records
Grand Award Records via Wikipedia
Grand Design Music Company
Grand Master Records
Grand Slam Records
Grand Theft Autumn Records
Granite Rocks Records
Grannie Annie Records
Grapetree Records
Grass Shack Records
grasshopper records
Graveface Records
Gravel Records
GraveWax Records
Gravity Records
Gray Dot Records
Grayhound Recordings
Grayscale Records
Great Gull Records
Great Recordings/The Musik Faktory
Greatbend Records
Greater Than Records
Greatland Records
Gredde Records
Green Beat Records
Green Bottle Records
Green Door Recording Co
Green Flash Records
Green Grotto Records
Green Leaf Records
Green Linnet Records
Green Sphere Records
Green St. Records
Green St. Records
Greenback Records
Greenbrier Records
Greenehouse Records
Greenhorn Records
GreenMan Records
Gregmark Records via Wikipedia
G-Related Records
Grey Flat Records
Grey Flight Records
Grey Gull Records via Wikipedia
Grey Mause Records
Grey Sky Records
Greyday Records
Gridley Records
Grim Records
GRimm Records
Grimsey Records
Grind Mix Records
Grit Records
Grizz Entertainment and Records
Grizzo Records
GRM Records
G-Rod Records
Groovalotic Rhythm Records
Groove Garden Records
Groove Note Records
Groove Reactor Records
Groovebender Records
Groovewell Records
Grooveyard Records
Grounded Records
Group Records Inc.
GRP Records
Grrr Records
Grub Records
Gruntled Records
GTS Records
Guardian Records, LTD.
Guerrilla Records
Guevarica Records
GUI Records
Guillotine Records
Guitar Nine Records
Gulcher Records
GumboLimbo Records
G-Unit Records
Gusto Records via Wikipedia
Gutter Folk Records
GutterLand Records
Gutterth Records
Gweedo Records
Gwendoline Records
GWSFourwinds Records
GYFTT Records
Gypsy Eyes Records
gypsygarden records
Back to Top
H.T.F Records
Habitual Records
HAG Records
HairBall8 Records
Halakahiki Records
Half Baked Records
Half Empty Records
Halfpipe Records
Halftooth Records
Halfway House Records
Hallmark Records
Hallowone Records
Hallway Records
Halo of Merchants Records
Halogen Media Works Halogen Records
Hammerhead Records
Hammermill Records
Hammondbeat Records
Hamsa Music
Hana Ola Records
Hand-Cranked Productions
Handpicked Records
Handsome Records
Hanson Records
Hao Records
Happi Tyme Records
Happy Couples Never Last Records
Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records
Happy Home Records
Happy Mistake Records
Happy Squid Records
Happy Way Records
Harbinger Records
Harbor Records
Hard Miles Music
Hard Time Records
HardBite Records
Hardcore Records
Hardluck Records
Harlem Records
Harlequin Recording Group
Harmless Records
Harmonie Park Records
Harmonized Records
Harry Lewman Music
Hartke Records
Harvest Records
Haunted Town Records
Have Mercy! Records
Havic Records
Havoc Records
Hawthorne Street Records
Hay Holler Records, Inc.
Hayden's Ferry Records
Hazzard Records
Head Line Records
Head Trauma Records
Headchange Records
Headcount Records
Headinghome Recordings
Headphoniq Musiq
Headquarters Records, Inc
Heads Up International
Headshop Records, LLC
Headtrap Music
Hear Diagonally Records
Hear Kitty Records
Heart of Texas Records
HeartBeat Records
Heartbeat Records
Heartcore Records
Hearts On Fire Records
Heat Records
Heat Slick Records
Heatstroke Records
Heaven Sent Records
Heavy Beat Records
Heavy Rotation Records
HeavyWeight Records
Hectic Records
Hefty Records
Heinous Records
Helena Records
Helicon Records, Ltd.
Hell Bent Records
Hella Good Records
Hellafyde Records
HellCat Records
Hello Doll Records
Hello Sir Records
hello-fi studios
Helper Monkey Records
Hemlock Records
Hen House Records
Henceforth Records
Hep'Me Records
HEROSE Records
Herwin Records via Wikipedia
Heterodox Records
Hex Records via CD Universe
Hey Disturbia Records
Hey Yall Records
Heyday Records
HG Records
Hi Desert Records
Hi Horse Records via CD Universe
Hi Records
HI Rollerz Records
Hiao Hiao Hiao Records
HiCap Records
Hiccup Records
Hickory Records via Wikipedia
Hidden Mic Records
Hidden Vision Records
Hideaway Records
High Adventure Records
High City Records
High Fidelity Records
High Heel Records
High Noon Records
High Road Records
High Rolla Records
High Sierra Records
High Street Records via Wikipedia
High Times Records
High Wire Records
Higher Step Records
Highjohn Records
Highland Sounds Records
Highlander Records
HighNote Records
HighTone Records
Hill Billy Stew Records
Hillsdale Record Company
HILO Records
Himmel Street Records
Hindenburg Records
Hindsight Records via CD Universe
Hi-Octane Records
Hipbone Records
HiPhonic Records Inc.
Hipnotech Records
Hip-O Records
HipSync Records
Hi-Rise Records
Hit & Run Records
Hit Em Up Records
Hit of the Week Records via Wikipedia
Hit Syndicate Records LLC
Hitchcock Media Records
Hit'Em Up Records
Hi-Test Records
Hitman Records Inc.
Hitman Records USA
Hive Records
HLE Records
Hob's Lane Records
Hochokai Records
Hodge Music Group
Hokis Pokis Records
Holdin' our own Records, L.L.C.
Holla'back Records
Hollar Records
Holler Records
Hollywood Fame Records
Hollywood Records
Hollywood Vintage Records
Holographic Records
Holy Mackerel Records
Holyland Records Ltd.
Home Office Records
Home Sweet Home Records
Homeboy Records
Homeless Records
HomeSkillet Records
Homestead Records via Wikipedia
Hondo Mesa Records
Honest Records
Honey Bear Records
HoneyBee Records
Hoobie Records
Hood Records
Hood South Records
HoodLife Records
HoodLife Records.
Hook Shop Records
Hookerman Records
Hope X Records
Hopeless Records
Hopscotch Records
Horizon Records
hornbuckle records
Horseglue Records
Hospitality Records
Hot 2 Def Records
Hot Cherry Records
Hot Conya Records
Hot Dog City Records
Hot Jupiter Records
Hot Lips Records
Hot Rock Records
Hot Soup Records
Hot Springs Records
Hot Tomato Records
Hot Wax Records via Wikipedia
Hotbed Records
Hotfoot Records
Hottrax Records
House Cat Records
House Is A Feeling Records
House of Fire Records
House of Restitution Records
Houseboat Records
Household Recordings
Housetown Records
Hoverock Records
Howard Records
Howland Circle Records
Howlin' Records
Howse-O-Dynamite Rekordz
HTS Recordings
HUB Records
Hudson Valley Records
Human Feel Records
Humanhood Records
HumanSongs Records
Humboldt Records
HumBug Records
Humdruma Recordingz
Humpbacks Attacks Records
Hunchbunny Records
Hung Kat Records
Hungaria Records
Hungry Hustler Records
Huntress Records
Hurricane Records Ltd.
Hush Hush Records
Hustle Records
Hustling & Grindin Records
Hut Records via Wikipedia
Hybrid X Records
Hydra Head Records
Hydrogen Records
HYPE Records
Hyper 6 Records
hyperdisc Records
HypnoDisk Records
Hypnotic Tones Records
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I and Ear Records
I AND I Records
i hate to rock! records
I Surrender Records
I Witness Records
i! Records
I.O.U. Records
I.R.S. Records via Wikipedia
IAI Records & Video
I-Am-Unlimited Records
Ibadan Records
Ibex Records
Ibidem Records
Ice 9 Records
Ice Star Records
Icebox Records
Icehouse Records
Iceman Reords
Ichiban Records via Discogs
Iconic Rocket Records
ICU Records / ICU Media
iDance Records
Ideal Records
Identical Records
Identity Music Group
Identity Records
Ides of March Records
Idol Records
Ifa Music Records
IGE Records
Igneous Records
IGO Records
Iguana Records
I-I-I Records
Ikef Records
IL Vers Records
Ill Boogie Records
Ill Efexx Records, LLC.
Ill Noiz Records
Illegible Records
illionaire records
Illogical Records
IllSpit Records
Illumination Records
Illusions Music Group
Illusive Records
Image Entertainment / Image Music Group
Image Records
Image Records Inc.
Imagen Records
Imaginary Records
Imagination Records, Inc.
Imagine Records
Imagineer Records
Imerge Records
Imix Records
IMMA Records
IMMI Records
Immigrant Records
Immortal Records via Wikipedia
Immune Records
Impak Records
Imperative Records and Publishing
Imperial DUB Recordings
Imperial Dynasty Records, INC
Imperial Recording Company
Imperial Recordings
Important Records
Impression Records
Imprint Records
Impulse Records
IMS Records
In Music We Trust Records
In Records via Wikipedia
In The House Records, LLC
In The Mixx Records, Ltd.
In The Red Records
In The Used Records
Incidental Music
Incline Records
INDAR Music Group International
in-da-street records
Indecision Records
Independent Omaha Records
Indi Script Records
India Records
Indian House
Indianola Records
Indie 500 Records
Indie Dream Records
Indierect Records
Indigenous Alien Records
Individual Records
Industrial Strength Records
Ineffable Records
Inevitable Records & Entertainment
Infect Records
Infernal Racket Records
Infinite Beat Records
Infinite Monopoly Records
Infinite Voice Records
Infinity Cat Recordings
Infinity Records (California)
Infinity Records LLC
Infinous Records
Inflection Records
Inflewential Records
Influence Records, Ltd.
Infraction Records
Infringement Records
Initial Records
Inland Emperor Records
Inner Spirit Records
Inner Vision Records
Inner-Flight Records
innerSPACE Records
Innerstate Records
Innertec Records
innertone records
Innovative Records
In-Phase Records
Inpop Records
Inquisitive Records
Insane Records International
Inscape Records LLC.
Inscrutable Records
Insignia Records
insomnia records
Inspiration Records
Instant Haiku Records
Instinct Records
Instrumental Records
Insubordination Records
Integrity Music
Integy Records
Intelligence Records
Intelligent Recordings
Intellihance Records
Intensive Scare Records
Interactive Jack Records
Intercity Records
Interhit Records
Interlope Records
Internal Error Records
Interphon Records via Wikipedia
Interscope Records
Interzone Records
Intrigue U Records
Introspect Records
Introvert Records
Inverse Records
Inversus Records
Invictus Discord Records
Invictus Records via Wikipedia
Invisible Mass Records
Invisible Records
InYerFace Records
IO Records
ionic Records
IRA Records
Irate Records
Iris Records
Iroko Records
Iron String Records
Iron Summit Records
Ironworks Records
Iscariot Records
Isis Records
Island Blue Records via Wikipedia
Island Breeze Records
Island King Records
Island Records
Ism Records
Ismael Records
ISMS Records
Isolate Records
isota records
Isoxys Records
ISW Records
Italy Records
Itch Records
Ithaca Records
Itis Records
I-Town Records
It's a Rocketship Records
It's Alive Records
It's Soul Time! Records
Itzy Records
Ivy Records
Izmi-Mikon Records
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J Records
J&N Records
J.D. Records
J.O.B. Records via Wikipedia
Ja' Records
Ja-cas! Records
Jack Street Records
Jackalope Records
Jackass Records
Jacked Up Records
Jack-N-Bang Records
Jackson Street Records
JAD Records
Jaggo Records
JAGUAR Records
Jah Scout Records
JahGydeYah Records
Jailhouse Records
Jailhouse Recordz
Jailhouse! Records
JakAttak Records
Jake Records
Jakumi Records, Inc.
JAM Records
Jamaica Natural Records
JamCat Records
Jamron Records
Jang Slur Records
Janus Records via Wikipedia
JaQuzzi Records
Jargon Records
JaRic Records
JAS Recording Company
Jasman Records
JaThom Records
Java Records
JAW Records
Jawk Records
Jaxalon Records
JAXART Records
Jaxum Records
Jay-Bo Records
Jazart Records
JazHarp Records
JazHead Entertainment
Jaznia Music Group
Jazz Alive Records
Jazz Compass
Jazz Crusade Records
Jazz Doll Records
Jazz Excursion Records
Jazz Karma Records
Jazz 'm Up Records
Jazz Professor Records
Jazz Records Inc.
Jazzbone Records
Jazzed5 Records
Jazzland Records (1960) via Wikipedia
Jazzmont Records
Jazznation Records
JazzStream Records
JCM Records
JDub Records
Jealous Butcher Records
Jealousy Records
Jean Rah Fya Records
Jefferson State Records
Jeffhouse Records
Jen Bay Records
Jerden Records
Jerusalem Records
Jesus Jams Records
Jet Black Records
Jet Glue Records
Jetset Records
JetSpeed Records
Jewelstone Records
Jewish Music Group
JHHP Records, Inc.
Jib Door Records
Jib Machine Records
Jibber Records
Jigsaw Records
JIKKOU Records
JIP Records (Just Iss Planetary Records)
Jireh Records
Jive Electro Records
Jive Records
J-Lynne Records, Inc.
JM3 Records
JMB Records
JMF Records
JMZ Records
JnC Records
Joe & Joey Records via Wikipedia
JoeTown Records
Johann's Face Records
John Marks Records
John Shop Records
Johnny's Records
Jonco Records
Jordan Records
Joseph Street Records
Joule Records
JP Music Group Inc
JPopas Records
JRB Records
JT Records
Juana Records via Wikipedia
Judah Records
Judd Records via Wikipedia
Judgement Records via Wikipedia
Juice Recordings
Juke Box Records via Wikipedia
Juke Joint Records
Jumbie Records
Jump Art! Records
Jump Arts Records
Jump Start Records
Jump Up Records
Jumpsuit Records
Junction Records
June Records
Jungle Boogie Records
Jungle Queen Records
Jungle Sky Records
Juniper Records
Jus Family Records
Just Add Water Records
Just Cut Records
Just Me Records
Just On GP Recordz
Just Us Records
JustLaw Records
JW Records
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K Records
K. Sirrah Records
K.O.A. Records
Ka Ching Records,Inc.
Kagdila Records
Kahua Records
Kaira Records
Kajmere Sound Recordings
kake mix records
Kaleidoscope Music/Puffin Records
Kali Records
Kallab Reccords
Kalmia Records
Kaluboné Records
KAM Records, Ltd.
Kama Sutra Records via Wikipedia
Kamikaze Records
Kanine Records
Kanpai Records
Kapatid Records
Kapitol Stock Records
Kapland Records
Kapp Records via Wikipedia
Kardina Records
KARKAS Records, Inc
Karmenpolicy Records
Karnal Records
Kastle Records
Katalyst Records
KaZaZZ Records
Kealon Records
Kedar Records via Wikipedia
KEEP Recordings
KEMA Records
Kemado Records
Kemetic Records
Kent Records via Wikipedia
Kentax Records
Kentland Records
KePy Records, Inc.
Kereshmeh Records
Kerry Records
Ketch A Vibe Records
Kevco Music Group
Keyhole Records
Key-Loc Records
KeyMedia Group
Keynote Records
KHAEON World Music
KI Recordz
Kick O' Namic Records
Kick Save Records
Kicking Mule Records via Wikipedia
Kid Dynamite Records
Kid Records
Kill For Fun Records
Kill House Records
Kill Normal Records
Kill You For A Dollar Records
Killa Platinum Records
Killa4nia Recordz
Killing Floor Records
Killing Jar Records
KillZone Records
KIM Records
Kimchee Records
KimoSciotic Records
Kindercore Records
Kindred Records
Kinetic Records
Kinetique Productions
King Biscuit Flower Hour Records
King David Records
King Edward Records
King Mojo Records
King Snake Records
King Step Recordings
Kingdom Records
Kinkajou Records
Kinso Records
Kioapa Records
Kiowa Records
Kira Kira Disc Records
Kirtland Records
Kiss My Asterix Records
Kiss The Stone Records via Wikipedia
Kissy Records
Kitchen Table Records
Kitchen Whore Records
Kittridge Records
Kitty Q Records
Kixx Records
KLAG Records
Kleos Classical Records
Klownacide Records
KM Records
KMB Records
KMFDM Records
KMG Records
Knife or Death Records
Knightman Records
Knitting Factory Records
Knob Records
Knock It Out Records
Knock Knock Records
KnockDown South Records
KnockOut Records
Knot Known Records
Know Records
Knuckle Love Records
Knuckle Up Records
Knuckle Up Records
Komplex Records
Konscious Kings Music Group LLC.
Kookie Jar Records
Kool Arrow Records
Kop-N-Go Records
Kosher Records (California)
Kosher Records (Florida)
K-Otic Records
Kotumba Records
Kounty Bound Records
K-Pasta Records
Krate Records
Krishna Records
Krispen Hartung Records
Krucial Records
Kryptic Music
Krystal Rosz Recording Studios
K-Street Records
Kubaney Records
KULT Records
Kung Fu Records Inc
KWS Records
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L & L Records
L Records
L.A. Records
L.A. Records
L.P.S. Records
La Cima Music Records
La Vieja Records
La$t Dollar Records
Lab X Records
Labor Records
Lab-Oratory Records
LaCalle Records
LaChica Records
Lacoriha Records
LaFace Records
lafayettemusic records
Laid Back Recordz
Laidback Manor Productions
Laidoff Records
Lair Hill Records
Lakeland Records
Lakeshore Records
La-La Land Records
Lambgoat Records
Lamon Records
L'Amour Records
Lamp Mode Recordings
Lance Records
Land and Water Records
Landfill Records
LandPhil Records
Landslide Records
Language Artz Records
Lanier Records
Lanor Records
Lap Dance Records
Lapis Cut Records
Lapis Island Records
LARGO Records
Larry Gene Music
Last Beat Records
Last Dayz Records
Last Gasp Records
Last MIC Standing Records
Last Minute Records
Last Shot Records
Last Stop Records
Lateralview Records
Latest Flame Records
Latex Records
Lather Records
Latin Cool Records
Latitude Records
Lauan Records
Laugh & Jangle Records
Laughing Cat Records
Laughing Stock Records
Launch Pad Records
Laurel Records
Laurie Records via Wikipedia
Lava House Records
Lavender Llama Music
Lavision Records
Lawless Street Records
Lax Recordings
Layla Records
LayLow Records
Lazy Boy Records
Lazy River Records
LazyCats Records
Lazyline Records
LB Records
LCR Records
L'dar Records
Leaning House Records
Learning Curve Records
LeFrak-Moelis Records via Wikipedia
Left Coast Records
Left Hook Records
Left Of Center Records
Legacy Music Group
Legacy Records
Legal Money Records
Legend Heart Records, LLC.
Legend Records
Legend Records
Lenkel Records
Lens Records
Leon Russell Records
Lester Fresh Records
Let It Flow Records
Lethal Injection Records
Let's Go! Records
LetsPlay Records
Letterbomb Recordings
Level Green Recording Company
Level Plane Records
Leviathan Records
LeWay Records
LewMar Records
LF8R Records
LGR Records
LHI Records via Wikipedia
Lian Records
Liberal Palette Records
Liberation Records
Liberty Records
LIBK Records
Lick Records
Lickwid Gold Records, LLC
Licorich Record$
Life or Death Records
Life Source Records
Life's A Rap Records
Lifestyle Records
Light Force Records
Light In The Attic Records
Lightning Capitol Music
Lights Out Records
Lightyear Entertainment
Likwit Records
Lil Chaos Records
lil' lion records
Lil' Nicky Records
Lilly Ray Records
Lilly Records
Lily Records
Lilywhite Records
Limbless Records
Limekiln Records
Limelight Records via Wikipedia
Limitless Sky Records
LIMP Records
Lincoln Records
Lincs Records
Lineage Records
Linear Records
Linox Records
Liquid 8 Records
Liquid Fusion
liquid love records
Liquid Records
Liquid Sound Lounge
LiquidCity Records
LiquiLab Records
Lissadell Music
LITO Records
Litterbox Records
Little America Records
Little Apple Records
Little Blue Men Records
little brother records
Little Buster Records
Little Cowgirl Records
Little Dog Records
Little Fish Records
Little Frog Records
Little King Records
Little Mafia Records
Little Miller Music Company
Little Pocket Records
Little Pro Records
Little Silver Records
Little Sparrow Records
Little Stream Records
Little Sureshot Records
Little Voice Recordings
Little Wonder Records via Wikipedia
Live and Kickin' Records
Live Wire Records
Livewire Records
Living Dead Records
Llama Mama Records
Llarion's Lair Records
LLR Recordings
Lo Key Records
Load Records
Loaded Bomb Records
Lobotomy Records
Lobster Records
Loc Jaw Records
Local Scene Records
Locals Only Recordings
lo-fidelity records
Lofton Creek Records
Logic 3000 Records
Logic Records
LOL Records
Lolight Records
Lollypop Records
LoLo Records
Loma Records
London-Sire Records
Lone Pine Records
Lonely Astronaut Records
Lonely Chair Records
Long Beach Records
Long Live Crime Records
Look At You Records
Look Records
Lookalive Records
Lookout Jazz Records
Lookout Records LLC
Loopjunkie Records
Loöq Records
loose atom records
Loose Fang Records
Looseboy Records
Lora Lea Records
Lorelei Records
Lo-Rise Recordings
Los Fucking Angeles Records
Losing Face Records
LoSonoFono Records
Lost Boys Records
Lost Cat Records
Lost Disciple Records
Lost Gold Records
Lost Grove Records
Lost Highway Records
Lost Sheep Records
Lostrack Records
Lotek Records
Lotus Records
Loud and Clear Records
Loud House Records
Loud Records
Loudmouth Records
Lough Gur Records
Louie Records
Louisiana Radio Records
Love Planet Records
Lovecraft Records
Loveless Records
Lovelost Records
Lovely Baby Music
Lovestar Records
Lovitt Records
Low Down N Durdy Records
Low Heat Records
Low Profile Records
Low Res Records
Low Technique
Low-Fi Records
Lowfigh Records
Loyalty Records
LRC Records
Lucid Records
Lucky Eleven Records via Wikipedia
Lucky Records
Lucky Unicorn Records
Lucrative Records
Lude Boy Records
Lujo Records
Luke Records
Luke Skywalker Records via Wikipedia
Lullaby Records
LuLu Records
Lumen Records
Luna Records
Lunacy Records
LunaSea Records
Lunch Records
Lunker Records
Lunn Records
Lure Records
LushTone Records
Luther Records
Luxurious Waters Entertainment
Luxury Records
Lvm Records
Lyric Records
Lyric Street Records
Lyrical Balla Records
Back to Top
M&G Records via Wikipedia
M&R International Music Group
M.A.D. BASS Recordings
M.A.D. Records
M.C. Records
Macbet Records
Machete Ish Records
Machette Entertainment
Machine Records
Machinery Records via Wikipedia
Mack Avenue Records
Mackline Entertainment
Macnolia 6 Records
Mad At The World Records
Mad Dog Records
MAD Dragon Records
Mad Hands Records
Mad Mobster Entertainment
Mad Monkey Records
Mad Seven Records
Madatdawurl Muzic Group
Madd Chaise Inc Recordings
Made in Mexico Records
Made Man Records
Made Records
Made To Be Broken Records
Madison Avenue Records
Madison Records via Wikipedia
Madizm Records
Mad-Kat Records
Madness and Mayhem Recordings
Maenad Projections
Maestoso Records
Mafia Records
Mafioso Records
Mafiosoul Entertainment
Mage Records
Magic Bullet Record Co.
Magic City Records
magic marker records
Magical Island Music
Magister Ludi Records
Magna Carta Records
magnanimous records
Magnatude Records
Magnetic Oblivion Records
Magnetik Music
Magnolia Recording Co.
Magnum Opus Records
MAH Records
Mailboat Records
Mainstage Records
Majammy Records
Majestic Records via Wikipedia
Major Attitude Records
Major Minor Records via Wikipedia
Major Noise Recordings LLC.
Makdon Music
Make It Happen Music Inc.
Makeshift Music
Makin Hitz Records
Makoche Recording Company
Mala Records via Wikipedia
Malaco Records
Malak Christian Productions
Malandro Records
Malaya Records
Malibu Beach Records
Malignant Records
Malimba Records
Malkin Records
Malyne Records Inc.
MAM Records via Wikipedia
MAMA Records
Mambo Maniacs Records
Mammoth Records
Manaloft Records
Mandragora Records
Mango + Sweet Rice Records
Mangoose Records
Manhattan Records
Manifesto Records, Inc
Manifold Records
Mankind Records
Manopoly Records
Mantis Entertainment
Manzo Records
Maple Island Records
Maple Street Music
Marad Records
Maranatha! Music
Marathon Records
Marauder Records
Marble Head Records
Marble Ice Entertainment, LLC
Marble Mountain Records, Inc.
March Records
Marcion Records
Mardi Gras Records
Margate Records
Marian Records, Inc.
Mark Six Records, LLC
Marmalade Records
Marriage Records
Mars Motors Records
Marsalis Music
Marshall Records
Martyr Records
Marvelous Show Records
Mass Media Records
Masta Mix Records
Mastamind Records
Master Entertainment
Mastermind Records
Mastermind Records
Masterpiece Christian Records
Mastersong via CD Universe
Masterworks Records via Wikipedia
Matador Records
Matchbox Records
Matchpale Records
Matlock Records
Matrix Records
Matty Grooves Records via Wikipedia
Maur Ice Records
Maverick Records
Mavwreck Records
Maxximuz Musik Group
MayApple Records
MB Records, Inc.
MBM Records
MCA Nashville
MCA Records, Inc.
MCM Records
MCO Records
MDMA Records
Meal Ticket Records
Mean Red Music
Meca Latino Records
Medallion Records via Wikipedia
Medea Records
Media Riot Records
Mediarts Records via Wikipedia
Mediattack! Records
Medical Records
Medical Records
MedioCore Records
Meek Records
Mega International Records
Megaforce Records
Megahit Records
Megalith Records
Megaphone Records
Megsheilian Records
Mekka Records
Mel Bay Records
Melisma Records
Mellow Mood Records
Melody Beats Entertainment
Melody Man Records
Melonpatch Records
Melotone Records (US) via Wikipedia
Melungeon Records
MEME (Michigan Electronic Music Exchange) Records
Memphis Gold Productions
Memphis International Records
Memphis Records
Meniscus Records
Mental Beats
Mental Monkey Records
Mental Recordz
Mental St8 Music
Mentel Muzik Productions
Mentl Music
Merck Records
Mercury Nashville
Mercy Recordings
Mercyless Entertainment
Merge Records
MergeWorlds Records
Meridian Music Group
Merk Records LLC
Mermaid Mafia Records
Merrit Records via Wikipedia
Mesh-Key Records
Mesilla Valley Madness Records
Mesmer Records
Messaround Records
Messenger Records
Meta Records
Meta4ever Musik, Inc.
Metaformal Recordings
Metal Mayhem Music
Metal Militia Records
Metal Snowball Records
Metaldag Records
Metalface Records
Metallic Recordings
Metaphorical Records
Metaphysics Records
Meteor Records
Metro Blue Records
Metro City Records
Metrofuze Records
Metropolis Records
Metropolitan Records
Metrowax Records
MGA Music Group
MGA Records
MGM Records Nashville
MGM Records via Wikipedia
MH Records
MHR Records
Mic Fiend Records
Mice Elf Records
MicMac Records, Inc.
Microhits Music Corp.
Microindie Records
Microthought Records
Microwave Records
MIDDER Music Records, Inc.
MidLife Records
Midriff Records
MidSouth Records
Midtown Recordz
Midway Drive Records
MIG Records
Mightier Than Sword Records
Mighty Five Records
Mighty Tiger Records
Mil Records
Milan Records
Milk Cow Records
Mill Pond Records
Millas Music Records
Millennium Music Mission Records
Milligram Records
Millsaps Records
Milltown Records
Milo Music Studio
Miltona Records
Mimicry Records
Mind Therapy Records
Mind Train Records
Mindfield Records
Mindless Destruction Records
Mindshift Records
MindState Records
Mined Power Records
Miner Street Records
Mini Records
miniature records
Minimal Wage Records
Mining Vinyl Records
Minit Records via Wikipedia
Minnehaha Music
Minnow Records
Minority Rules Entertainment
Minstrelz Music
Miracle Records
Miralta Records
Miramont Records
Mirrome Records, Inc.
Mishap Records
Misra Records
Missing Records
Missing Words Records
Mission Control Records
Mission House Music
Mission Possible Music
Mister Records
Misty Records
MISWAX Records
Mixed Heritage Records & Entertainment
Mix-o-Rama Records
Mizumo Music
mja Records
MKL Global Music
MLJ Music
MMG Records
MMP/Moo Records
Mo Money Records
Mo' Money Records
Mo Muscle Records
Mobbfya Blakk Records
MoBiga Entertainment
Mobile Lounge Records
Mobilization Records
MOC Records
Mockbrawn Records
Mocombo Records
Moda Records
Modal Music
Mode Records
Modern Hot Records
Modern Records via Wikipedia
ModernBlues Records
Modest Records
ModMusic Records
Moe Soul Records
MoJamz Records
Mojo Records via Wikipedia
MojoHand Records
Mole Records
Molemen Records
Molin Music
Molotov Records
Mom and Pop Records
Mom Pop Records
Moment Records
Momusic Entertainment
Money In Hand Records
Money Maker Recordz, L.L.C. / Big Dentt Ent.
Money Tree Records
Monkey Hill Records
Monkey Power Records
Monkeypod Records
Monoceros Records
Monolyth Record Group
Monom Records
Monosyllabic Records
Monotone Tapes & Records
Monotremata Records
Monroe Street Music
Monster Island Records
Monster Records
Montana Knites Records
Monte Cristo Entertainment
Montesano Records
Monument Records
Monument Records via Wikipedia
Monumental Records
MoodFood Records
Moodgadget Records
Moodisc Records
Moodswing Records
Moodz Records
Moogy Music
Moo-La-La Records
Moon Caravan Records
Moon Haw Records
Moon Room Records
Moon Voyage Records via CD Universe
Moondo Records
Moonglow Records via Wikipedia
MoonHouse Records
MoonJune Records
Moonlite Records
Moonpie Records
Moonshine Music via Wikipedia
Moorafa Records (ASCAP)
Moore Media Records
Mooreland Street Records
MooreMapp Records
Mootron Records
Moovealong Records
Moped Posse Records
Morbid Madhouse Records
Morbid Madness Entertainment
More Good Music
more purpose
MoreHouse Records
morgan leah records
MorganHaus Music Group
MoRisen Records
Morning After Records
Morning Song Music
Morning Star Records
Morning Stars Records
Morpheus Records
Morphius Records
Morrigan Records
Morrowland Records
Mortification Records
Mortuus Vixi Records
Mortville Records
Mosaic Records
Moshe' Records
Most Slept On Records
Motech Records
Motel Records
Motherbox Records
Motherlotus Records
Motor City Music
Motown Record Co
Mount Hope Records
Mountain Top Records
Mountainside Records
Mouth of the Truth Records
Movement Records
MPI Records
M-Pire Records
MPress Records
Mr. Good Records
MRK Records
MRL Records
M-Style Records
MT Head Records
Mt. Fuji Records
MT6 Records
MTA Records
M-Theory Records
MTT Records
Much Luvv Records
Mud Dauber Records
Mud Memory Records
MUET Records
Muff Records
Mulatta Records
Mule Dog Records
Multi Level Records
Multiphase Records
Murder and Mayhem Records
Murder Inc. Records
Murk-Ta Records
Musaic Records
Muscle Shoals Records
MuscleTone Records
museFX Records
Muse-Wrapped Records
Mush Records
Mushroom Cloud Records
Music 111 Records
Music 4 Da Soul Records
Music City Records
Music Now Records
Music Plant Records
Music Row Talent Records, Inc
Music World Music
Music3 Records
Musicians4You Records
Musicraft Records via Wikipedia
Musicvision Records
Mutant Pop Records
Mutant Renegade Records
Muted Records
Mutiny 2k Music
Muttlee Records
MuttMuse Records
Muziq Records, LLC
Muzique Records
MW Productions/Records
My Pal God Records
My Records
MY Records Nashville
My War Records
My Way Records
Myndsett Records
Myriad Records
Myrrh Records
MySpace Records
Mystery Farm Records
Mysty Mountain Records
Myth America Records
Mythic Silence Records
Mythical Records
Mythology Records
Mytown Records
Myutopia Recordings
Myx Record Group
Back to Top
N*Soul Records
N.U.K Music Company
Nacional Records
NadaMucho Records
Nadsat Records
naïveté records
NAJM Records Inc
Naked Jain Records
Naked Music Recordings
Naked Voice Records, LLC
Naki-Do Records
Nameless Records
Nannerl Recordings
Nari Records
Narnack Records
Nasha Records
Nashville Records, Inc.
Nashville/Pacific International
Nasty Boy Records
National Music Lovers Records via Wikipedia
National Syrup Records
Nations Rhythm Entertainment
Native Ground Music
Native Soul Records
Native Southerner Records
Native Theory Records
Navarone Records™
NBeat Music
NCC Records
NCM East Records
NCTM Records
Neapolitan Records
Nearfall Records
Neblina Records
Nebula 9 Records
Nebula Records
Nebulous Records
Necropolis Records
Nefarious Records
Negative Progression Records
Negnoir Records International
NEH Records
NeighborHood Music Group
Neighborhood Records via Wikipedia
Nein Records
Nelidova Records
Nemesis Records
Neo Records
Neoga Records
Neon Pie Records
Neon Records
Neotone Records
Nepol Records
NESAK International and Kado Records
Net31 Records
Netherota Records
Nettie Marie Records
Nettwerk Records America
Netweight Records
Network Pacific Records
Neugrass Records
Neuhaus Records
Neuma Records
Neurodisc Records
Neurosis Records
Neurot Recordings
Neurotic Cat Records
Neurotic Dancer Records
Neva-Da-Less Records
NeverFoehl Records
nevermore records
Neverwhere Records
New Age Records
New Albion Records
New Alliance Records via Wikipedia
New Artist Records
New Artists Records
New Birth Records, LLC
New Colony Records
New Disorder Records
New Dynamic Records
New Earth Records
New Element Records
New Era Entertainment
New Era Recordz
New Folk Records
New Generation Records
New Granada Records
New Haven Records
New Liberty Records
New Line Records
New Media Records
New Moon Music
New Orleans Records via Wikipedia
New Realm Records
New Records Inc.
New Renaissance Records
New School Records!
New Soul Records
New South Gospel Records
New Town Records
New Vinyl Records
New Vision Records
New Weave Records
New West Records
New World Music
New World Records
New Wrinkle Records
New York Philomusica Records
Newbirth Records
Newgate Records
Newhouse Records
Newport Pacific Records
NewPort Records
newsonic records
Newtown Music Group
Next Era Music Group, LLC.
Next Millennium Records
Next Move Records
Next Plateau Records via Wikipedia
NextMoov Records
NextStep Records
Nextus Records
Nflation Records
N-fluence Records
Nicca Rigg Entertainment
Nice Guy Records
Nice Records
Niche Records
Nickel and Dime Records
NIDUS Productions
Night Flight Records
NightCast Records
Nighthawk Records
Nightmare Records
Nightshift Records
Nightsky Records
Nihilist Records
Niki Records
Nilaihah Records
Nine 12 Records
Nine Mile Records
Nine Winds Records
Nineteen-Eight Records
Ninety and Nine Records
NinjaFish Records
Ninthwave Records
Nite Light Records
Nitro Records
Nix Records
NKVD Records
NLO Records
No Alternative Records
No Choice Records & Studio
No Cigar Records
No Dance Records
No Deal Records
No Excuse Records
No Exit Records
No Explanation Records
No Fun Records
No Guru Records
No Idea Records
No Kiss Records
No Label Records Inc.
No Left Turn Records
No Limit Records via Wikipedia
No Loc Records
No Logo Records
No Loot Records
No Mayo Records
No Mystery Records
No Phase Records / Clark Humphrey Records
No Quarter Records
No Question Music Group
No Sides Records
No Skills Records
No Sleep Records
No Surrender Records
Noble Jazz Rekordz
Nobody Records
Nobody Records
Noc-a-Fella Records
Nocturnal Noize Records
Nocturnal Records
Noh Poetry Records
Noisome Records
Noize Merchant Records
nolitigation Records
NoMa Beach Records
Nonacoustic Records
Nonesuch Records
Nordskog Records via Wikipedia
Noriq Records
North Clik Records
North Hollow Records
North Star Records / (NSM)Records
Northeast Records
Northern Aggression Records
Northern Records
Northport Records
Northside Records
NorthStar Family Records
Northwestside Records via Wikipedia
Norton Records
Not Bad Records
Not Not Fun Records
Not Only Street Records
Note Farm Records
Notebook Records
Notenuf Records
nothing records
Nothing Records
Nouveau Records
Novel Records
NoVille Records
NoVo Records
Now-Again Records
Nowhere Records
NPower Records & Gospel Entertainment
NSA Records
Nsomnia Records
Nu & Improved Records
Nu Era Records
Nu Flava Records
Nu Mecca Records
Nu Quest Records
Nuance Records
Nubian Records
Nuclear Asterisk Records
Nuendo Music Group
Nulogic Records
Numatic Records
Number 3 Records
Numinous Records
NuNoise Records
NuTowne Records
NVus Records
NWMG Records
NYC Records
NYNO Records
Nyoka Records
Back to Top
OA2 Records
Oak Lawn Records
OarFin Records
Obra Maestra Records
Obscured Records
Ocean Front Records
Ocean Records
Ocean Rhythm Records
Oceanlight Records
OceanStream Records
OCF Records
Octagon Records
Octane Records
October Street Records Inc.
Octone Records
ODDIO Records
Ode Records via Wikipedia
Odyssey Records
Off Records
Off The Hook Records
Official 1 Records
Official Ink Records
Offsite Records
Offtime Records
Offworld Music
OffWorld Records
Oglio Entertainment Group
Oh Boy Records
Ohio Gold Records
Ohio Mob Squad Recordz
Ojet Records
Okapi Records
Okeh Records via Wikipedia
Okra-Tone Records
Olaris Records
Old 3C Records
Old 97 Wrecords
Old Hat Records
Old House Records
Olive Records, Inc
Olive Tree Record Company
Olympus Mons Records
Om Records
Omeganaut Records
OMG Records
Omnibus Records
Omnipotent Records
Omniscient Records
Omnivine Records
Omplatten Records
OMS Records
OMS RecordZ
On The Block Records
On the Corner Records
On The Rag Records
On The Rise Records
On The Run Records
On Top Records Inc.
On-A-Mission Records
One Percent Records
One Shot Records
One Soul Records
one step beyond records
One Step Records
One1Soul Records
Onefoot Records
Oneness Records
oneohfive records
Ongaku Records
Oniric Records
OnlineRock Records
OoohWeee Records
Open Grave Records
Open Road Records
Operation Phoenix Records
Opposite Records
Optic Echo Records
Optikon Rekords
Opulent Records
Or Even Death Records
Orac Records
Orange Band Records
Orange Betty Records
Orange Bomb Records
Orange Entropy Records
Orange Grove Records
Orange Mound Records
Orange Peal Records
Orange Sky Records
Orange Van Records
Orangeworld Records
Orchestral Colour Records
Organ Beat Records
Organik Records
Organized Game Records
Oriente Music Group, LLC
Origin Records
Original Cast Records
Original Records
Oriole Records (U.S.) via Wikipedia
Orleans Records
Orsonic Records
Osiris Records
Otá Records
Other-Side Records
OTP Records
OtterSong Records
Ouch Records
Our Rock Records
Ousted Records
Out Da Blue Entertainment
Out of Order Records
Out Of Round Records
Out Records
Out The Box Records
Outarico Records
Outback Records
Outcat Records
Outer Green Records
Outer Realm Records
Outhouse Records
Outline Records
Outlook Music Company
OUTofSPITE Records
OutReach Records
Outside DC Records
Outta My Way Records
Outta Reach Records
OuttaDaBlu Records
Outtaline Records
Outward Music Company
Outwest Recordz
OVA Records
Oval Records
Ovatronics Entertainment Group
Over The Top! Records
Overcast Records
Overeasy Records
Overit Records
Overkast Records
Overlooked Records
Overrated Records
Overreactive Records
Owl Eye Records
Oxford Records via Wikipedia
Oxingale Records
Oye Records
OYO Music Group
OYT Records
Back to Top
P. M. Records, Inc.
P.D. Waxx Records
P.E.P. Records
Pachyderm Records
Pacific Radio Fire Records
Pacific Records
Pacific Rim Records
Pacific Rock Records
Padlock Records
Paes Records
Pagliacci Records
Painted Sun Records
Pair Creation Music
Paisley Park Records via Wikipedia
Palace Records
Pallas Records
Palm Pictures
Palm Records
Palmetto Records
Palo Duro Records
Paloma Records
Pandacide Records
Pandora Records
Panhandle Records
Panic Button Records
Pantheon Records Inc.
Panther Fact Records
Papa Bear Records
Papa-Roux Records
Paper Down Records
Paper Garden Records
Paper Hat Records
Paper Thin Records
Paper Weight Records
Pappa E Records
Paradax Records
Paradigm Records LLC
Paradine Records
Paradise Records
Paradisemoon Records
Paradox Records, Ltd
Paradygm Music Group
Paradyne Records
Paragon Music Group
Parallax Records
Paramount Records (1969) via Wikipedia
Paramount Records via Wikipedia
Parana Records
Paranormal Records
Parasol Records
Parasomnic Records
Paris Records
Park Avenue Records
Park the Van Records
Parliament Records
Paroxysm Records
Parrot Records (blues label) via Wikipedia
Parrot Records via Wikipedia
Partee Records via Wikipedia
Partridge Records
Pass It On Records
Pass Out Records
Passiano Records
Passin'Thru Records
Passion Records
Patio Records
Patron Records
Patron Saint Records
Pattern 25 Records
Pattern Based Records
Patuxent Records
Payway Records
PCB Productions
PCMM Records
Peace and Love Records
Peace Code Records
PeaceWork Records
Peacock Records via Wikipedia
Peak Records
Pear Records
Pearl Street Records
Pedernales Records
Peephole Records
PegLeg Records
Pelado Records
Pelican Records
Penchant Four Records
Pencilbrain Records
Penguin Rock Records
Pensive Monkey Records
Pentagon Records
Pentagram Records
Pepper Records via Wikipedia
Peppermint Records
Perceptive Records
Percepto Records
Perdition Records
Peregrine Records
Perfect Day Records
Perfect Records via Wikipedia
Perfect Victim Records
Perfection Records
Periodic Motion Records
Peripheral Records
Perishable Records
Permanent Records
Perpetual Records
Perris Records
Perseverance Entertainment
Perseverance Records
Persona Records
Perspective Music, Inc.
Perspective Records via Wikipedia
Pervertidora Records
Petroglyph Records
Phanai Records
Phanatic Records
Pharaoh International Records
Pharlo Records
Phasepacket Records
Phat House Records
Phat Sound Records
PhatStaxx Entertainment
Phatt Phunk Records
Phaze II Entertainment
Philadelphia International Records
Philistine Records
Philles Records via Wikipedia
Phillips International Records via Wikipedia
Philomel Records
Phlavor Records
PHNX Records
Phoenix Records
Phone Jockey Records
Phonetic Records
Phratry Records
Phruntlyne Entertainment
Phthalo Recording Co.
physcokrew records inc.
Phyte Records
Phy-Tur Records, LLC.
Piadrum Records
PianoMania Music
Pickwick Records via Wikipedia
Pictograph Records
Pidgeon English Records
Pie Hole Records
Pie Records
Piece of Pie Records
Piermont Records
Pig Pile Records
Piggyback Records
Piller Records
Pimienta Records
PimpBionic Records
Pin Drop Records
Pinch Hit Records
Pinecastle Records
Pink & Black Records
Pink Slip Records
Pinky Ring Records
Pinto Fan Records
Pin-Up Records
Pioneer Records
Piping Hot Records
Pirates Press Records
Pit Pony Records
pitch-a-tent records
Pitchcadet Records
Pixel Records
PK Records
PKO Records
Plain Jane Records
plan B records!
Plan Bean Records
planet 8 Records
Planet Muzik Records
Planet Paul Records
Plantation Records via Wikipedia
Planting Seeds Records
Plastic Buddha Records (PB Recs)
Plastic Idol Records
Plastic Motion Records
Plastic Records
PlasticMeltdown Records
Plátano Records
Plateau Music LLC
Plateau Records, LLC
Platinum Album Records
Platinum Bound Entertainment
Platinum Boy Entertainment
Platinum Groove Entertainment
Platinum Ice Records
Platinum Plus Universal Records
Platinum Realm Entertainment, Inc.
Platinum Sounds Entertainment, LLC.
Platinum Sounds Records
Platinum South Records
Platinum Spin Records
Platinum Touched Records
Platter 33 Records
Play The Assassin Records
Playground Records
Playhouse Records
playMountain Music
PlayRoom Records
Playroom Records
Playwrite Records
Pleasant Green Records
Plug Label
Plum-E Records
Plump Records Inc.
Pluto Records
Pockabook Records
Pocket Jazz Records
Pockit Records
Poetic Records
PoHectic Life Records
Poignant Records
Point Blank Records via Wikipedia
Poison Pen Records
Poison Records
Poison Records
Poison Tree Records
Poisoned Candy Records
Poji Records
polar bear records
Polarized Records
Polarlight Recordings
Politik Records
Polkaland Records
Polk-N-Beans Entertainment
Pollen Records
Poloboy Records
Polyholiday Records
Polyphony Music
Polyrhythm Recordings
Polyvibe Records
Polyvinyl Record Co.
Polyvocal Records
Pomegranate Music
Pompous Pie Records
PoNoMo Entertainment Group
Pony Boy Records
Ponytail Records
Pool or Pond
Pool Party Records
Poopdog Records
Poor Magician Records
PoorBoy Records
PoorFish Records
Poorhouse Records
pop renaissance records
pop smarts records
Pop Squared Records
Pop Top Records
Pop Up Records
PopPop Records
PopSmear Records
Populace Records
Populuxe Records
Porcelain God Records
Porterhouse Records
Portia Records
Posh Boy Records
Positive Music Records
Positron! Records
Possible Problem Records
Post Records
Post436 Records
Poster Girl Records
Postmodern Dream Records
Post-Parlo Records
Potenza Music
Potomac Records
Pouring Rain Music
Poverty Records
Power Chord Records
Power Houze Records
Powerful Recordz
Powerhouse Records
PowerMove Records Inc.
PRA Records
Prairie Fire Records
Praize Up Records
Prank Records
Pravda Records
Prawn Song Records via Wikipedia
Prayin' Child Music
Praying Mantis Style Records
Prayzework Records
Precious Records
Precipitate Records
Premier Musique Group
Premier Musique Group
Premo Records
Premonition Records
Pretend Records
Pretension Records
Pretty Activity Records
pretty face records
Prevatt Records, Inc.
Price Productions
Primal Records
Primary Voltage Records
Princess Records
Priority 1 Records
Priority Records
Prism Records
Prismatic Label Group
Prison Jazz Records
Private Stock Records via Wikipedia
Pro Piano Records
Probe Records
PROdigital Records
Profane Existence Records
Profile Entertainment via Wikipedia
Profile Records via Wikipedia
Pro-Gravity Records
Progressive Global Records
Project For Life Records/Management
Projectz Recordz
Pronounce Records
Proper Talent Records
Prophet Records
Prophetic Entertainment Records
Propulsion Records
Prosthetic Records
Protect Ya Neck Records
Protest Records
Pro-tez Records
Protocol Records
Proton Records
Pro-Underground Records
PSB Records
Pseudoluxe Records
Psycheclectic Records
Psychedelic Records
PsychForm Records
Psychic Tiger Records
Psychochrist Productions
Psych-o-Path Records
Psychopathic Records
Psychosomatic Records
Pterodactyle Records
Public Records
Pubur Track Records
Puerto Roc Records
Pufendorf Records
Puffin Records
Pukka Records America
Pulse Records
Pumpin Records
PumpkinEater Records
Punk Rock Records
Punkhouse Records
Purchase Musik & Records
Purchase Records
Pure Harmony Records
Pure Pain Records
Pure Potentiality Records
Pure Records
Pure Sonik Records
Puritan Records via Wikipedia
Purity Records
Purple Heart Records
Purple Skies Records
Purple Skunk Records
Purpose Records
Putumayo World Music
Puyallup Records
Pyram-Axis Records
Pyramid Records
Back to Top
R & S Records
R.A.F.R. Records
R.O.A.D Records
R.U.T. Records
R9 records
RA Records
Rabadash Records
Rabbid Rabbit Records
Rabbit Ranch Records
Rabin's Records
Racer Records
Racing Heart Records
RACo Records
Radiant Records
Radiation Records
Radical House Records
Radical Records
Radical Ruckus Records
Radiex Records via Wikipedia
Radikal Records
Radioactive Records
Radioclock Records
Radiola Records
RadioTherapy Records
Raga Records
Ragamuffin Recordz
Ragdoll Records
Ragemore Records
Rah Records
Rain Records
Rainbow at Midnight Records
Rainbow Records via Wikipedia
Rainforest Records
Rainshadow Records
RainWater Recordings
Rainy Day Records
Rainy Records
Rainyday Records
Raising Moore Records
Raiz'em up Records
Raj Records
Rama Records via Wikipedia
Ramona Records
Rampage Music
Rampage Recordings
Ranch Recording
Random Act Records
Random Records, Inc.
Range Records
Ranluron Records
Ranwood Records
Rap Junkie Records
Rapalot Records
Rapid Fire Records
Rapid Pulse Records
Rapitalism Records
Rapscallion Records
Raptalk Records
Raptivism Records
RAS Records
Rascal Records
RaSong Records
Rastascan Records
Rat Town Records
RATE Records
Rattle Records
Rattle Tick Buzz Records
Rattlesby Records
Rave Police Records
Rave Records
Ravenel Records
Ravenous Records
RaveOn Records via Wikipedia
Raw Deal Records
Raw Noise Records
Raw Records
Raw Street Records,LLC
Rawkus Records
Ray Leonard Records
Ray Time Records, Inc.
Raymac Records via Wikipedia
Raynstorm Music Group
Razler Records, Inc.
Razor Sharp Records South, Inc.
Razorback Records
Razzor Records
RCA Nashville
RCA Records
RCA Red Seal Records via Wikipedia
RCA Victor Group
RCM Records
Reach Records
Reaching Records
Reaction Records
Reade Street Records
Ready Records
Real Artists' Records & Entertainment
Real Deal Records
Real Estate Records
Real Estate Recordz
Real Hype Records
Real Live Records
Real Star Records
Real Time Records
Real!st Records
RealGood Records
Realistic Records
Realisticom Records
Reality Clash Records
Reality Records
Realization Recordings
Realize Records
Realm Records International
Reanimator Records
Reaper Records
Rear House Records
Rebel Knight Records
Rebel Phi Records
Rebel Records
Reboot Music
Re-Bop Records
Reborn Records
Rebuilt Records
Recess Records
Recessive Gene Records
Recluse Records
Recon Records
Recon Records
Records Records
Recovery Records
Recovery Records
Recycled Notes Music Company
Red Balloon Records
Red Biddy Records
Red Bird Records via Wikipedia
Red Brick Records
Red Bull Records
Red Circus Records
Red Dragon Entertainment
Red Eye Records
Red Fez Records
Red Flavored Records
Red Galaxy Records
Red Giant Records
Red Horse Records
Red House Records
Red Jagwire Records
Red Leader Records
Red Melon Records
Red Menace Records
Red Moon Records
Red Nation Records
red panda records
Red Penguin Records
Red Robin Records via Wikipedia
Red Rover Records
Red Session Records
Red Seven Records
Red Shoe Records
Red Square Recordings
Red Stapler Records
Red Stone Records
Red Sundown Records
Red Tide Records
Red Triangle Records
Red Vinyl Records
Red Warrior Records
Red Zero Records
Red Zone Records
Red-Blooded records
RedBox Records
Redbud Records
Redder Records
Redemptive Records
Red-Haired Creeper Records
Red-Handed Records
Redhead Records
Red-I Records
Redlight Records
Redrum Records
Redrumm Recordz
Redshift Records
Redwood Records
Redzone Records
Reed Records
Reeds Valley Records
Reel Records
Reference Recordings
Refined Records & Entertainment
Reflective Records
ReFunkdafied Records, Inc.
Regal Records (1921) via Wikipedia
Regal Records (1946) via Wikipedia
Regency Records via Wikipedia
Regimental Records
Rego Irish Records
Regress Records
Rehab Records
Rehash Records
Reinforcement Records
Reject Records
Rejected Records
Rejoice Records via Wikipedia
Rekkid Records
Relapse Audio
Relapse Records
Relentless Pursuit Records
Relentless Way Records
Relief Records
Relix Records
Reload Record Company
Reload Records
Reloaded Records/Atlantic Records
Remba Records
Remedial Records
Remington-Morse Records via Wikipedia
Remnant Music Group
Remnant Records
Renaissance Records
Renaissance Records, Inc.
Renata Music
Renown Records
rent control records
Repercussion Records
Replicant Records
Repossession Records
Reprise Records, Inc
Reproductive Records
Reps Music Group
Reptile Records
Reptilian Records
Republic Records
ReQuest Records
Rescue Records
ReServed Records
Reservoir Music
Resin Records
Resist Records
Resisted Resonance Records
Resmiranda Records
Resort Records
Resource Records
Respek Records
Response Records
Rest In Peace Records
Restless Records
Restoration Records
Resurrection A.D. Records
Retak Records
Reth Music Group
Retro Elektro Records
Retrospect Records
Return Records
Reunion Records
Revelation Records
Revels Records
Revenant Records
Reverbose Records
Reversible Records
Revived Records
Revolt Records
Revolution Records
RevUp Records
Rewind Records
Rexrode Records
Rezillient Records
rezonate records
RGA Records
RHI Records
Rhino Records
Rhombus Records
Rhyme Records
Rhythm & Roll Records
Rhythm Drive Records
Rhythm House Records
Rhythm Muse Records
Rhythm Signal Records
Ricanstruction Label
Riche Rich Records
Richh Kiddz Entertainment
RichHeart Music
Richter Records
Rickso Facto Music Co.
Ride Records via Wikipedia
Riff Rat Records
Rigel Records, Ltd.
Rigged Records
Right Cross Entertainment
Right Now Records
Right On Records
Right on Zero Records
Right Place Records
Righteous Babe Records
Rim Records
Ring Road Records
Ringing Ear Records
Ringo Records
Ringtone Records
Rink-E-Dink Records
Rip Off Records
Rip Shop Records
Rip Tide Records
Ripcord Entertainment
Ripe Records
Ripete Records
Rise Records
Risen Son Records
Rising Son Records
Rising Tide Records via Wikipedia
Rite Track Records
Rithum Records
Riti Records
Ritmo Records
Rival Records
Riverflow Entertainment
Rivermont Records
Riverside Records via Wikipedia
Riverview Records
Rivery Records
Rizing Records
RKM Music
RKO Records
RLS Records Nashville
RM Records
RNR Records
ROA Records
Road Cat Records
Road Records
Roadrunner Records
Roam Records
Roam The River Records
Robin Records
Robot Records
Rob's House Records
Roc 4 Roc Records
ROC Diamond Records
Roc Records
Roc-a-fella Records
Rocco Entertainment Inc.
Rock & Roll Play Records
Rock Bottom Blues Company
Rock City Records
Rock Garden Records
Rock House Records
Rock Me Baby Records
Rock My Soul Records
Rock Out Records
Rock Solid Records
Rock Village Records
Rock-A-Bye Records LLC
Rockadelic Records
Rockaplaya Records
Rockathon Records
RockBox Records
Rocket City Records
Rocket Records, Inc.
Rocket Science Records
Rocketeria Records
Rocketown Records
Rockin' Camel Music
Rockin' Rowe Records
Rockinglittle Records
Rocks & Rolling Records
Rockstone Records
Rocky Mountain Records
Rococo Records
Rodent Popsicle Records
Rodent Records
ROE Entertainment
ROE Records
Roesch Records, Inc.
ROIR (Reach Out International Records)
Rok Lok Records
Roll Call Records
Roll Out Records
Rolling Cloud Records
Rolling Thunder Records
Romanced Records
Romani Records
romantek records
Romantic Records
Roméo Records
Romeo Records via Wikipedia
Ron King Records
Ron Walters Records
Roostercow Records
Root Cellar Records
Root Records via Wikipedia
Root# Records
Rora Records
Rose Music Co. & Amy Lane Entertainment
Rose Records
Roseleaf Records
Rosewater Records
Rosewood Records
Rostrum Records
Rotary Totem Records
Rotary-Dial Records
Rotisserie Records
Rotten Records
Rotting Corpse Records
Rotting Records
Roubik Records
Rouge Records
Rough Luxury Records
Rough Stone Records
Rough World Records
Roughedge Records
Roughshod Records
Roulette Records
Round 1 Records
Round 13 Records
Round Circle Records
Round Flat Records
Round Sky Music
Roundabout Records LLC
Rounder Records Corp
RoundTable Records, Inc.
Rowboat Records
Rowdy Records via Wikipedia
Royal Empire Records
Royal Flush Records
Royal Laundry Records
Royal Tone Records
Royalty, Etc. Records
RPM Records
RRAAAH Records
RSM Records
RTFM Records
RTS Records
Ru 1 Records
Ruark Records
Rub Wrongways Records
Rubber Band Records
Rubric Records
Ruby Records
Ruby Records
Ruby Star Records
Rue Royal Records
Rueshell Records
Ruff Music Group
Ruff Stuff Records
Ruffhouse Records via Wikipedia
RuffLife Recordz
RuffNation Records
Rugged Records
Rugged Soul Records
RugRubber Records
Rumble Records
Run Wild Records
Runaway Records
Running Records
RunRoc Records
RUSH Productions Records
Rusha Moon Records
Rushmore Records
Russian River Records
Rustic Records
Rusty Key Record Company
Ruthless Rabbit Records
Ruthless Records
Rye Records
RZ Records
Back to Top
S. Carter Records via Wikipedia
S.F.P. Records
S3 Records
Saber Records, Inc.
Sable Mountain Records
SAC Records
Sachimay Records
Sack it up records
Sack of Shit Records
Sacred Records via Wikipedia
Sacrificial Hamster Records
Sad Robot Records
Saddle Records
Sadheel Records
Sadistic Clique Records
Sadistic Records
Safe House Records
Sage Arts Records
Saguaro Beach Records
Sailing Records
Saint Thomas Records
Saja Records via Wikipedia
Salmon Brook Records
Salsoul Records via Wikipedia
Salt Lady Records
Saltwater Records
Samba Moon Records
Same Room Records
SamHawk Records
Sample Records
Sampler Records
Samplistic Records
Samurai Records
San Jacinto Records
San Jose Sound Recording Company
Sandbox Records
SandRidge Records
Sane Records
Santa Rita Records
Sao Bento Music
Saphu Records
SAR Records via Wikipedia
Sarathan Records
Sasshaye Records
Satellites Records
Sauna Records
Savage Records
Savana Records
Savant Records
Savoy Records via Wikipedia
Savv Records
Savvy Records via Wikipedia
Saxony Records
Say Hey Records
Sayre Records
Say-Ten Records
SBE Records
S-Beat Records
SBK Records via Wikipedia
Scandal Records
Scar City Records
Scarab Records
Scarwinds Records
Scat Cat Records
Scat Records
Scatalogics Records
Sceneville Records
Scepter Records via Wikipedia
Scepterstein Records
schapendoes records
Schedule Two Records
Schematic Music Corp.
Schirmer Records via Wikipedia
School Glue Records
School Records
Schoolkids Records
Schwa Records
SCI Fidelity Records
Scientific Records
SCIONtific Records
SCM Records
Scooch Pooch Records
Scooter Pop Records
Scooter Records
Scorched Records
Scorpion Entertainment
Scorpion Records
Scott Lynn Records
Scotti Brothers Records via Wikipedia
Scourge Records
SCR Records
Scratch and Sniff Records
Scratchie Records
Scream Records
Screaming Beaver Records
Screaming Fan Records
Screaming Ferret Wreckords
Screamingbird Records
Screen Door Records
ScreenMusic International
Scufflin' Records
S-Curve Records
SDG Records
SE Entertainment Records
Sea Lion Records
Seacliff Records
Sealed Fate Records
Sealed Lip Records
Search and Rescue Records
seclusion records
Seco Records
Second Coming Records
Secret Crush Records
Secret Formula Records, Inc.
Secret Jazz Entertainment
Secret Road Records
Section 44 Records
Sector Five Records
Sedimental Records
Sedition Records
Seduction Records
Seedless Records
Seedling Records
SeeSaw Records
Segue Records
Seismic Records Detroit
Seismophonic Records
Seldom Scene Records
Self Abuse Records
Self-Made Records
Sensational Entertainment Records
Sensitive Redneck Records
Senu Records
Sepia Tone Records
Sequence Records
Sequoia Records
Seraphim Records
Serial Sikk Recordz
Serious Business Records
Serious Vanity Music
Serjical Strike Records
Serotonin Records
Sessions Records
Set For Life Records
Seven Continent Records
Seventh Generation Records
Seventh Heaven Records
Seventh Level Records
Severe Records
Severn Records
Sexy Killer Records
Sexy RockStar Records
SGE Records
SGM Records
SGM Records, Record Label & Production Company, LLC.
SGR Music Group
Shade Records
Shades Of Grey Records
Shadow Kingdom Records
Shadow Print Records
Shadow Records
Shadow Records
Shadow Veil Records
Shadowboyz Entertainment
Shady Records
Shakti Records
Shane Records
Shank Records
Shaolin Records
Shark Bite Records
Shark Meat Records
Sharp Nine Records
Sharpnote Records
Shatta Records
Shazam Records
Sheet/Rock Records
Shelflife Records
Shell Point Records
Shellfish Recording Company
Shelter from the Storm Records
Shelter Records
Sheridan Square Records via CD Universe
She's Gone Records
Shimmy Disc Records
Shine Records
Shine Recordz©®
Shining Light Records
Shira Records
Shire Records
Sh-K-Boom Records
Shmat Records
Shock City Records LLC
Shoestring Angel Records
Shoestring Records
Shoetree Records
sho-nuff gospel records
Sho'Nuff Records
ShootStyle Records
Shop Records
Short Circuit Records
Short Round Records
Shotland One Records
Shotzi Records
Shou Records
Shout Records via Wikipedia
Shower-Tone Records
Shrine Records via Wikipedia
Shu-Bu Records
Shurhit Records
Shut Eye Records
Shut Up! I Love You Records
Shziggz Recordz
Sick Bay Records
Sick Minute Records
Sick Room Records LTD
Sickboy Records
Sicsense Records
Side One Dummy Records
Side Seven Records
Sideburn Records
SideCho Records
SideKick Records
SideOneDummy Records
Sidetraxx Records
Sierra Records
Signal Records
Significant Other Records
Sik Pup Records
Siladi Records
Silber Records
Silencer Records
Silent North Records
Silent Planet Records
Silent Records
Silent Spirit Records
Silent Stereo Records
Silent Uproar Records
Silica Records Inc
Silk City Records
Siltbreeze Records
Siltown Records
Silva Dom Records
Silver City Records
Silver Dragon Records
Silver Echo Records
Silver Girl Records
Silver Pearl Records
Silver Star Records Inc.
Silver Wave Records
Silverado Records
Silverline Records
Silverthree Sound Recordings
Silvertip Records
Silvertone Records (1905) via Wikipedia
Silvertone Records (1980) via Wikipedia
Silverwolf Records
Silvery Moon Records
Simba Records
Simian Records
Simig Media Records
Simmons Time Records
Simpatico Records
Simple Solution Records
Simply Smokin' Records
Simulacra Records
Sindicated Records
Sin-Drome Records via CD Universe
Singing Wolf Records
Single Coil Records
Sinister Handshake Records
Sinister Label
SINister Records
Sink or Swim Records
SINless Records
Sir Eel Records
Sire Music Group
Sire Records
Siren Songs Records
Sirens Records
Sirenum Records
Sirious Records
SirReal Records
Sister Ruby Records
Sister Z Music
Sitnspin Records
Sit-n-Spin Records
Six Degrees Records
Six Finger Records
Six Stars Records
six string records
Six Weeks Records
Six-0-One Records
Sixgunlover Records
Size Twelve Records
Sizzle Records
SK2 Records
Sk8Core Records
Skaggs Family Records
Skand-Luz Records
skeletal film records
Skeptical Cat Recordings
Skillet Records
Skip To My Loot Records
Skipping Stones Records
Skirl Records
SKOR Records
Skrewed Records
Skrocki Records
Skullr Records
Skunk Records, Inc.
Sky Blue Records
Sky Hi Records
Sky Rapper Rekordz
Skybucket Records
SkyDance Records
Skygazer Records
SkyLight Music
Skyline Records
SL Entertainment Group (SLEG Records)
Slaag Records
Slab-O-Wax Records
Slackjaw Records
Slanted House Records
Slash Records via Wikipedia
Slave Union Records
Sleek Records
Sleeping Dog Records
Sleeping Giant Records
Sleepsound Records
Sleepy Hollow Records
Sleepy Records
Slept On Records
Slewfoot Records
Slice Records
Sliced Bread Records
Slide Rock Records
Sling Slang Records
Slingshot Records
Slipdisc Records
Slip-n-Slide Records
Slipstream Records
Slit Jockey Records
Slow Burn Records
Slow Down Records
Slow Gun Records
Slow January Records
Slowdime Records
SLSK Records
slugcult records
Slugfest Records
Slumberland Records
Slumlord Music Group
Slutfish Records
Sly Dog Records
Smacks Records
Small Town Records
Smalls Records
Smart Noise Records
SmartGuy Records
Smash Alley Records
SMC Records via CD Universe
SMEC Records
Smiff Records
Smile Records
Smiley Jones Records
Smith Music Group
Smobb Muzic
Smog Veil Records
Smoked Out Records
Smokehouse Records
SmokeStack Records
Smoketown Records
Smoky Treat Records
Smooch Records
Smooth Agent Records
Smooth Sailing Records
Smoothma Muse Records
Smorgasbord Records
SMP Records
Snack Records
Snackbag Records
Snail on a Stick Records
Snapdragon Records
Snarg Records
Snotty Rocker Records
Snowglobe Records
Snowplow Records
Snyper Records
So Low Down Records
So So Def Records
Society Records
Socyermom Records
Soda Jerk Records
Softdrive Records
Softstar Records
Soigne' Records
Soiree Records International
Sojourner Records
Solar Blue Records
Solar Flare Records
SOLAR Records via Wikipedia
Sole Records
Solid Air Records
Solid Ground Records
Solid Records
Solid Rock Records via Wikipedia
Solid State Records
Solid Walnut Music
Solidified Records
Solitaire Records
Solitary Confinement Records
Solmatic Records
Solo 523 Records
Solution Records
Solution6 Records
Somber Atlantic Records
Some Guy Down the Street Records
Some Records
Somos Hip Hop Records
Sonance Records
Soñar Records
Song Bird Records via Wikipedia
Song Garden Music Group
Songdog Records
SongTree Records
Songwriter Records
Sonic Abyss Records
Sonic Blitz Records
Sonic Boomerang Records
Sonic Frenzy Records
Sonic Images Records
Sonic Mind Records
Sonic Records
Sonic Sorbet Records
Sonic Swirl Records
Sonic Thrust Records        
Sonic Underground Records
Sonicbeat Records
Sonika Records
Sonitus Records
Sonnig Records
Sonoface Records
Sonora Productions
Sonora Records
Sons of Sound
Sons of Sunshine Records
Sonspot Records
Sonus West Records
SONY BMG Masterworks
SONY BMG Music Entertainment (Nashville)
Soothsay Records
Sophia Records
Soreal Entertainment
Sort Of Records
SOS Records
Sotti Records, LLC
Soul Cipher Records
Soul Food Records
Soul Groove Records
Soul Hood Entertainment, LLC
Soul Joy Records
Soul Kid Records
Soul Kreations Entertainment
Soul Link Records
Soul Phusion Records
Soul Purpose Records
Soul Shift Music
Soul Surfer Records
Soul9 Records
Soular Records
Soulfyne Entertainment Group (SEG)
Soulmine Records
Soulow Records
Soulsearch Music
Soulseek Records
Soulspazm Records
Soulsupplement Records
soultheft records, inc.
Soultraxx Records
Sound Fury Music Group - SFMG
Sound Gems Records
Sound Mindz Records
Sound of America Records
Sound of Soul Records
Sound Pollution Records
Sound Records
Soundchron Records
Soundco Records
SoundCore Records
SoundFactory Records
SoundForce Gospel Records
SoundForce Records
Soundlab Records
Sounds of the Dead Records
Soundside Records
Soundsketch Records
Soundstage 15 Records
Soundtracks Records
SourMash Records USA
SourPop Records
South Bay Records
South Side Records
South49 Records
Southbound Records USA
Southcity Records
Southern Cross Records
Southern Love Records
Southern Metal Records
Southern Style Records
Southern Tracks Records
Southport Records
Southside records
Southside Recordz
SouthStarr Records
Soutrane Records
Souvenir Records
Souzaphone Records
Sovereign Records
SPA Records
Space for Music Records
Spacekat Records
Spacement Records
Spade Kitty Records
Spade Records
Spanish Fly Records
Spann Records
Sparkle Records
Sparrow Label Group
Spasthmatic Records
Speakeasy Records
Specialty Records via Wikipedia
Spectra Records
Sphincter Records
Sphinx Records
Spin Move Records
Spina Records/Ospina Digital
Spinario Records
spinART Records
Spindust Records
Spinout Records
Spinster Records
Spiral Galaxy Records
Spiral Records
Spired Records
Spirit Wing Records
Spirithouse Records
Spiritland Records
Spiritone Records
Spit Game Records/ SG Entertainment
Spitfire Records
Spittin' Records
Spivak Records
Splash Records
SPLIT Seven Records
Split2nd Entertainment
SPM Records
Spontaneous Combustion Records
Spook City Records
Sportn' Life Records
Spot Records
Spoth Records
Spotlight Records
Spring Hill Music Group
Spring Street Records
Springman Records
SPS Records
Spumoni Records
Spunk Rock Records
Spunout Records
Spy Records
Spy Squirrel Records
Spy-Fi Records
SpyTech Records
Square Of Opposition Records
Square Room Records
Square Root Records
Square Shaped Records
Square Target Records
Squeeze Records
Squids Eye Records
Squirrel Boy Records
SRI Records/SRI Jazz
SRM Records
S-S Records
SSBO Records
SSP Records
SST Records
SSV Records
St. Olaf Records
St. Roch Records
Stable Records
Stacked Game Records
StackedBatch Records
Stag Records
Stand On The Ocean Records
Stand Up! Records
Standard Recording Company
Standfire Records
Standing Stone Recording Company
Stankhouse Records
Stanton Park Records
Stanton St. Records
Star 69 Records
Star Chaser Records
Star City Records
Star Clock Records
Star Records
Starbug Records
Star-day King Records via Wikipedia
Starday Records via Wikipedia
Stardust Of Nashville
Stargate Records
Starlicity Records
Starlight Records
Starling Kitty Label (SKL)
StarPlay Records
Starr Records via Wikipedia
Starship Records
StarTime International Records
States Records via Wikipedia
States' Rights Records
Static Records
Static Sky Records
Stax Records
Stay Down Records
Stay Fresh Entertainment, LLC.
Steadfast Records
Steady Rollin' Records
Steed Records via Wikipedia
Steel Cage Records
Steeple Records
Stellar Records
Stepho-Marcel Records
Steppin' Records
Steppin' Stone Records
Stepping Stone Records
Stereo Press Records
Stereo Records
Stereotrain Records
Sterling Circle Records
Stet Records
Steve The Pervert Records
Stickfigure Records
Still Contagious Records
Still Hustlin Records
Stillborn Records
Stimulated Records
Stinky Records
Stip Records
Stir-Fry Records
STLKG Records
Stomp Off Records
Stone Quarry Records
Stonegarden Records
Stones Throw Records
Stonewall Records
Stool Pigeon Records
Stop, Look & Listen Records
Storm Dog Records Inc.
Storm Records
Storm Tower Records
Storyteller Records
Stout Records
STR Digital Records
STR Music Group
Straight Game Records
Straight Jackit Records
Straight Records via Wikipedia
Strata-East Records
Strawdog Records
Street Anthem Records
Street Clout Records
Street Corner Records
Street Credit Records
Street Disciplez Records
Street Empire Records
Street Goddess Records, LLC
Street Gold Records
Street History Records
Street Level Records
Street Life Records
Street Noiz Records
Street Scholars Records
Street Star Records
StreetBeat Records
Streeter Music
Streetgrounds Records
Streetwize Recordz
Stress Records
Stress Records LLC.
Stressed Out Street Dwellaz Records
Strictly Rhythm Records
Stride Records
Strife Records
Strike 3 Records
StringBender Records
Stringtown Records
Strokeland Records
Strong Island Records
Stronghold Records
StrongHouse Records LLC
Strukk Association Music Group.
Stryker Records
Stubborn Records
Stuck Records
Studio13 Records
Stump Records
Stunt Growth Records
Stupid Gaijin Records
Stylus Quo Records
Stylus Records
Sub City Records
Sub Pop Records
Subject Detroit Records
Sublime Dezine Records
Subliminal Records
Sublingual Records
Submerge Records
Submit Records
Subrosa Records
Subsoil Records
Substandard Records
Subterranean Records
Subterraneous Records
Subtractive Records
Suburban Dog Music
Suburban Home Records
Suburban Noize Records
Suburban Sprawl Music
subVariant recordings
Sub-Verse Records
Success Pool Records
Suckapunch Records
Sue Records via Wikipedia
Suffer Creek Records
Sugar Free Records
Sugar Hill Records
Sugar Madison Records
Sugarbone Kids Records
Sugarbone Records
Sugarfoot Records
Suicidal Groove Records
Suicidal Sunshine Records
Suicide Squeeze Records
Suited N Booted Records
Sulfur Records
Summer Break Records
Summersteps Records
Summit Records
Sumthin' Hot Records
Sun International Records via Wikipedia
Sun Moon Records
Sun Records
Sunday Records
Sunken Pie Records
Sunken Treasure Records
Sunkissed Records
Sunmuse Records
Sunnyside Records
Sunray Records
Sunrize Records
Sunset Records
SunShip Records
Supa Tree Records
Super Amigos Records
Super Bro Records
Super Pezhead Records
Super Rock Records
Super8 Records
Superb Records
Superbad Records
SuperFISH Records
SuperGenius Records
Superior Records
Supermassive Records
Supermedic Records
Superphonic Records
Supersize Records
Supersoul Records via Wikipedia
Supertone Records via Wikipedia
Supreme Records via Wikipedia
Suretone Records
Surf Angel Records
Surfside Records Inc
Surgeland Records
Surprise Attack Records
Suspicious Records
Sussex Records via Wikipedia
Sustain Records
Swallow Records via Wikipedia
Swallowtail Records
Swami Records
Swampabbean Records
Swan Records (jazz label) via Wikipedia
Swan Records (Philadelphia) via Wikipedia
Swatteam Records
Swedish Diva Records
Sweet Lucy Records
Sweet Revenge Records
Sweet Street Records
Sweetheart Records
Swing Records
Swing Time Records via Wikipedia
Swingin' Records
Switchblade Records
Sword Records via Wikipedia
Syberdelix Records
Synchronic Records
Synergy Records
Syntax Records
Synthcere Records
Synthphony Records
Syren Records
Systaine Records
System3 Records
Syzygy Records
Back to Top
T.D.P Records
T.H.U.G. Records (Terre Haute Under-Ground Records)
T.N.N. Entertainment Group
T.O.A.S.T Records
T.O.N. Records
T4 Records
Taciturn Records
Taedium Vitae Records
Tahoe Records
Tainted Records
TAJ Stone Records
Tajemie 9000 Records
Take Fo Records
Take Root Records
Takehold Records via Wikipedia
Taken Records
Takeout Records
Takeover Records
Takoma Records via Wikipedia
Talent Is Us Records
Talkeetna Records
Talking Drum Records
Tall Grass Records
Tandem Thrust Music & Records
Tangent Records
Tangled Records
Tank Records
Tantara Records
Tapa Records
Tape Vault Records
Tapes Records
Tapesh Records
Tapestry Records
TAQUA Records
Taragon Records
Tarantic Records
Tarantism Records
Target Squad Records
Tariff Records
Tarnished Records
Tarpit Records
Taste Records
T-Bones Records
TBT Records
TDR Records
Team Maverick Records
Tear It Down Records
Teardrop Records
Techno City Records
Techno Slut Records
Teddy Bear Records
Tee Pee Records
Teem Records via Wikipedia
Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records
Teenage Zombie Records
Tejas Records
Teki Pyro Records
Teknotika Records
Tektonic Records
Telakinetic Recordz
Telefunken Records
Telegraph Records
Telepathic Records
Telepathy Records
Teletone Records
Tempest Records
Tempo Records (US) via Wikipedia
Ten Good Records
Tenacious Records
Tender Girl Music
Tender Stone
Tennessee Records via Wikipedia
Tennman Records
Ten-O-Nine Records
Tent City Records
Terminal Dusk Records
Terminus Records
Terra Firma
Terraform Records
Territory 3 Records
Tet Kale Records
Tetragrammaton Records via Wikipedia
Texmuse Records
TexPatriate Records
Text Records
TFC Records
TFL Records
Tha Don Records
THA ZOO Records
ThaCommitted Records
That Works Records
The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label via Wikipedia
The Beat Records
The Company Records
The Edge Records
The End Records
The First Time Records
The Island Def Jam Music Group via Wikipedia
The JSwan Music Group, Inc.
The Label Records,Inc
The Losing Blueprint Records
The Machine Records
The Mezzotint Label
The Militia Group
The New Beat Records
The New Unstoppable Records
The Other Voice Records
THE Records
The Right Stuff Records
The Sign Language Record
The Sirens Records
The So Called Records
The Soaring Music Group
The Spinks Music Group
The Upstairs Bedroom Records
Theologian Records
Theoretic Records
Theory Records
Thermite Records
They Still Make Records
Thick Records
ThickerThanWater Records
Thin the Herd Records
Things to Come Records
Think Fast! Records
Third Man Records
Third Monk Records
Third Uncle Records
Third World Records
Third World Records
Thirty Ghosts Records
Thorp Records
Threaten Mainstream Records
Three Sound Records
Thrill Jockey Records
ThrillBomb! Records
Thrillionaire Records
Throne of Blood Records
ThrowDown Records
Throwing Stones Records
Thrown Brick Records
Thru & Thru Records
Thru Da Cloud Records
Thrust Records
Thug Street Records
Thugway Records
Thumbs Up Records
Thump Records Group Inc.
Thunder Moon Records
Thunder Pumpkin Records
Thunder Quest Records
ThunderVision Records
Thunderwolf Records
Tiara Records via Wikipedia
Tiberius Records
Tico Records via Wikipedia
Tie Records International
Tiger Claw Records
Tiger Style Records
Tigerlily Records
Tight Records
Tight Spot Records
Tightwork Records
Tilted Records
Timberwolf Records
Timbreline Records
Time Clock Records
Time Release Records
Time Zone Records
Times Beach Records
Tinder Records
Tinku Records
Tinman Records
Tip Top Records
Tipitina's Records
Tippin' Records
Titanic Records
TKO Records
TMG Records
TMi Records
TNK Records
To The Fallen Records
To The Left Records
Toe Tag Records
Together Records
Toilet Fleet Records
Token Records
Tokyo Rose Records
Tollie Records via Wikipedia
Tolotta Records
Tom Kat Records/DSN
Tomahawk Records
Tomato Head Records
Tomato Records
Tomboy Girl Records via CD Universe
Tompkins Square Records
Ton Def Records
Tone 1 Records
Tone Baby Records
Tone Box Records
Tone Center Records
Tone Cool Records via CD Universe
Tonecrash Records
Tonedeaf Records
Tonewrecker Records
ToneZone Records
Tony Mercedes Records via CD Universe
Too Crunk Entertainment
Too Hep Records
Tooth & Nail Records
Top Caliber Records
Top Dawg Records
Top Five Records
Top Flight Records
Top Fuel Records
Top Hat Records
Top Notch Records
Top Ranking Records
Top Secret Records
TopCat Records
Torched Records
Torii Records
Tornado Records
Torture Music Records
Torture My Kat Records
Total Control Records
Total Experience Records
Total Loss Records
Touch 1 Records
Touch and Go Records
Tough Customer Records
Touring Records
TownHall Records
Toy Robot Records
Toybox Records
ToYo Records
TPK Records
Trace Elements Records
Track Rydaz Entertainment
Tract Records
Trade Root Music Group
Traffic Violation Records
Tragic Hero Records via CD Universe
Tragick Records
Trailer Records
Trailer Trash Records
Train Wreck Records
Traitor Records
Trak Records
Trampoline Records
Trance Force Records
Trance Fury Radio Records
Trance Jam Records
Tranceplant Records
Tranquillity Records
Transaction Records
Transcendent Music Group
Transdreamer Records
Transit Records
Transition Records
Transmat Records
Transparent Voice Records
Trapdoor Records
Trawf Records
Treacherous Records
Treallife Records
Treasure Records
Treated & Released Records
Treatwell Music & Entertainment
Tree Records
Trekky Records
Treme Records
Tremulant Records
Trench Life Records
trend is dead! records
Trendency Records
Tres Pescadores Records
Tres Records
Tribe-2-Thick RecordZ
TribeMind Records
Tried & True Records
Trigger City Records
Trigon Records
Trillium Records
Trilogy Records
Triloka Records and Karuna Music via CD Universe
Triple Crown Records
Triple R Records
Triple Stamp Records
Trippin Face Records
Triptych Records
Tri-Surf Records
Triumph Records
Trolley Stop Records
Tropo Records
Troublesome Records
Trough Records
Tru Records
TRU Records
Tru Reign Records
Tru Rydaz Entertainment
TruArt Records
TruButta Records
Truckstop Records
Truculent Recordings
True American Records
True Believer Records
True Life Records
True North Records
True South Records
True Tone Records via Wikipedia
Truffle Records
Tru-One Records
Truspace Records
Trustkill Records
Trustnone Records
Truwarier Records
TSB Record Company
TSOP Records via Wikipedia
TSR Records via Wikipedia
Tsunami Records
Tuff City Music Group
Tuff-Life Records
Tuf-Luv Records
Tug O War Records
Tuna Forsushi Records
Tundra Records Group
Turkey Vulture Records
Turn Records
Turnabout Records
Turning Point Records
Tweek'd Records
Tweekin Records
Twelve Gauge Records
Twilight 76 Records
Twin Buddha Records
Twin Earth Records
Twin/Tone Records
Twink Records
Twinz Records
Twist Tie Records
Two and Four Recording Company
Two Thumbs Down Records
Two Tomatoes Records
TYAD Music Group
Tygreye Records
Tyrannosaurus Records
Tyrant Records
Tyscot Records
Back to Top
U.D.P. Records
U.P. Records
U.T.C Records, Inc.
Uglyfuzz Records
Ultra Records
Ultra Sonix Records
Ultrax Records, Inc.
Umbilical Records
Umbrella Records
Unable Records
Unamerican Records
Unbiased Records
Uncanny Records
Uncensored Records via Wikipedia
Uncharted Records
Uncle Arrneys Records
Uncle Howie Records
Uncle Junior Records
Uncle Steady Records
Uncle Tony Records
Unclean Records
Uncommonly Round Records
Uncut Records
Undaground Therapy Muzik
Undecided Records
Undefined Musik
Undefined Records, LLC.
Under My Skin Records
Under The Needle Recordings
Under the Wings Recordings
Underdog Entertainment
Underdog Records
Underdogma Records
Underground Records
Underground Visions Records, Inc
UnderUtopia Records
Underwire Records
Undisputed Records, Inc.
Unfadeable Records
Unfiltered Records
Unforgotten Records
Unfortunate Miracle Records
Unfun Records
Uni Records via Wikipedia
Unicorn 1 Records
Unicycle Records
Uniform Recordings
Uniform Records
UNika Records
Unika Records
Union Records
Unique Leader Records
Unique Soul Records
Unis Records
Uniscope Records
Unit Records
United Artists Records via Wikipedia
United Records via Wikipedia
Unity Squad Records
Universal Classics Group via Wikipedia
Universal Language Records
Universal Music Group
Universal Music Latino
Universal Music TV
Universal Records
Universal Republic Records
Universal South
Universal Warning Records
Universe Records
Univision Records
Unmatched Brutality Records
Unnecessary Friction Records
Unpaved Records
Unraveled Records
Unschooled Records
unsightly wombat records
Unsigned Music Group
Unsound Records
Unstable Records
Untergrund Records
Untold Records
Untouchable Records
Untouchable Records
Ün-Yelliman Records
Up Above Records
Up Records
Up to Zero Records
Upful One Records
U-Phonic Records
Upland Records
UpLate.Org Records
Uppercut Records
Uppity Cracker Records
Uprising Records
Uprok Records
UpsideDown Records
UpSouth Recordings
Upstairs Records
Upstairs Room Entertainment
Upstream Records
Uptown Records via Wikipedia
Urabon Records
Uranium City Records
Uranium Records
Urban Bird Records
Urban Cheese Records
Urban Geek Records
Urban Haven Records
Urban Life Records
Urban Melodic Records
Urban Moonlite Records
UrbanDigital Records
Urbano Records
Urbanworld Entertainment LLC
Ursa Minor Records
USB Records
USOFT Records
Utech Records
Utopia Records
U-Turn Records/Bottom Line Records
Uuquipleu Records
UVDOG Records
Uvulittle Records
U-Watch Records
Back to Top
V.I.P. Records, Inc.
Vacancy Records
Vacant Cage Records
Vaccination Records
Vagabond Records
Vagabond Records
Vagrant Records (California)
Vagrant Records (Seattle)
Vainglorious Entertainment
Valdon Records, Inc.
Valiant Death Records
Valiant Records via Wikipedia
Valid Records
Valley Records via Wikipedia
Van Dyke Records via Wikipedia
Van Richter Records
Vanguard Records
Vapor Records
Varese Sarabande Records
Varrga Records
Varrick Records
Varsity Records
Varulven Records
Vast Records
Vaudeville Records via Wikipedia
VEE Records
Vee-Jay Records
Vee-Ron Records
Vegas Records
Vehicle City Records
Vellum Entertainment
Velocette Records
Velour Music Group
Velvet Chord Records
Velvet Tone Records via Wikipedia
Velveteen Records
Vendetta Records
Vendlus Records
Venge Records
Ventiva Records
Venture Beyond Records
Venture Music Group
Ver Ver Tasty Records
Verbatem Records
Veritas et Aequitas Records
Veritas Records
Vermiform Records
Vernal Equinox Records
Vernie Records
Veronica Records
Versa Style Records LLC
Versailles Records
Version City Records
Vertical Jazz Records
Vertigo Records via Wikipedia
Verve Music Group
Vestige Records
VFR Records
Viable Utterance Records
Vibe Records
Vice Records
Vicious Pop Records
Victimized Records
Victoria Records
Victory Records
Video Uptown Records
Viewpoint Records
Vigilante Records
Vigilante Records LA
Vigortone Records
Viking Funeral Records
Vile Art Records
Vile Beat Records
Village Roots Records
Villin Records
Vim Records via Wikipedia
Vindicated Records
Vine Street Records, LLC
Vinema Records
Vintage Vinyl Records
Vinyl Countdown Records
VINYL Records
Violator Records
Violet Records
VIP Records
Viper Records
Virgin Records America, Inc
Virgo Rising Records
Viridiana Productions
Virt Records
Virtue Records
Visalian Records
Vise Records
Vision City Records
Vision Metal Records
Vision Records & Entertainment
Vision Vibe Entertainment
Vista Recordings
Vista Records
Vistaline Entertainment
Visual Records
Vital Cog Records
Vital Music Records
Vitamin Records
Viva La Vinyl Records
Viva Recordings
VizzTone Label Group
V-L Records
VLP69 Records
vmax records
VMF Records
VMS Records
Vocab Records
Vocal Visions Media Group
Vocalion Records via Wikipedia
Volcano Records via Wikipedia
Voodoo Records
Votive Records
Vox Music Group
Voxx Records
Voyager Records
VP Records
VSOJAZ Records
VSR Music Group
VWC Records
Vybe Records
Back to Top
W.O.E Records
Wa Nui Records
Waako Records
Wachusett Records
Wade in the Rain Records
Wagner Music Group
Wake Up Records
Wakefire Records
Waking Records
Waldorf Music Hall Records via Wikipedia
Walk It Off Records
Walking Bear Records
Walking Frog Records
Walking Madness Records
Walking Records
Wall2Wall Records
Wallis Original Records via Wikipedia
Walt Disney Records
Waltzing Bear Records
Wand Records via Wikipedia
Wandering Soul Records
Wanted Music
War Torn Records
Warbux Records
Warlock Records
Warmth Records
Warner Bros. Nashville
Warner Bros. Records, Inc
Warner Brothers JazzSpace
Warner Curb Records via Wikipedia
Warner-Spector Records via Wikipedia
Warning Label Records
Warning Sign Records
Warped Recordz
Warpodisc and Warm-o'-Brisk Records
Warren Entertainment
Warrior Records
Warwick Records (United States) via Wikipedia
Waste of Time Records
Watashea Records, Inc.
Water Mark Records
Water Music Records
Waterfront Records
Water's Edge Records
Watersound Records
WATMM Records
Watts Records
Waugh Records
Waveform Records
Wavetone Records
Wax Trax! Records via Wikipedia
Waxing Records
Waxploitation Records
Waxy Silver Records
Way Bent Music
Way Out Records
Wayfaring Records
We M Pack Records
We Put Out Records
WE Records
We The People Records
Web Entertainment Records
Web Records
Webbed Hand Records
Webster Hall Records
Webster's Last Word Records
WEC Records
Wednesday Records
Wee Rock Records
WEED Records
Weekend Records
WEFUNK AD2K Records and Filmworks
Weight Hauler Records
WEJ Records
Welcome Home Records
Well Worn Records
Well-Versed Records
Weltschmerz Records
Wenha Records
Wepecket Island Records
We're Twins Records
Wessex Records
West Coast Records
West Coast Records Inc
West Craft Records via Wikipedia
West End Records
West Side Mobb Records
West Street Records
Westbound Records
Westbrook Records
Westerland Records
Western Jubilee Recording Company
Westlake Records
Westport Records via Wikipedia
Westside Records via Wikipedia
Whatitis Productions Inc
What-Not Records
Whiplash Records
Whirlin' Disc Records via Wikipedia
Whirlwind Records
Whiskey Dick Records
Whiskey Records
White Bridge Records
White Buffalo Records
White Garden Records
White Star Records
White Swan Records
White Water Records
Whiteroom Records
Whitfield Records via Wikipedia
Whoa Oh Records
Whoa! Boat Records
Who's That Records
Whprwhil Records
Wichita Falls Records
Wicked Awesome Records
Wicked Cool Records
Wicked Entertainment
Wicker Records
Wide Hive Records
Widespread Records
Wigshop Records
Wiiija Records
Wikked Dawg Records
Wild Card Records
Wild Child Records
Wild Country Records
Wild Hare Records
Wild Oats Records & Music Group
Wild Orchard Record Company
Wild Pitch Records via Wikipedia
Wildebeest Records
Wildfire Records
Wildflower Records
Wildlife Records
WildMess Records
WildRose Records
Williamsburg Records
Willow Shade Records
Willpowa Records
Wilmarc Records
Wind River Records
Windfall Records via Wikipedia
Windmark Records
Wind-up Records
Windy City Records
Windy Town Records
Winedark Records
Wingman Records
Wingnut Records
Wingspan Records
Wingspread Records
Wire Duck Records
WIRE Records
Wisconsin Punk Records
Wise Records
WishingTree Records
Wistful Records
WMG - Worldwide Music Group
WMG Records
WMUC Records
Wolftrax Records
Women Records
Wonderdog Records
Wonderdrug Records
Wonderground Records
Wonderment Records
Wondermore Records
Wonka Vision Records
Wood Records
Woodcut Records
Wooden Nickel Records via Wikipedia
Woodpecker Records
Woodson Lateral Records
Woodstock Records
WoodYard Entertainment LLC
Wordclock Records
Work for Music
Workbench Records
Workers United Records
Workshop Jazz Records via Wikipedia
World Conquest Records
World Movement Records
World Of Poop Records
World Pacific Records via Wikipedia
World Premiere Records
World Records
World Talent Records
World Village Music
WorldBeats1 Records LLC
Worldeater Records
Worldtrax Music
Worldwide Records
Worth It Records
Worthless Records
Wounded Bird Records
Wounded Records
WP Records
WR Records
Wraith Records
Wreked Records Worldwide
Wrencharound Records
Wrestling in Sand Records
Wrightwood Records
Wrinkle Free Records
Wrong Records
WTII Records LLC
Wunder Boy Records
WurdSmiff Records
Wyld Card Records
Wyman Records
Wyncote Records via Wikipedia
Wyndfall Records
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